A Field Trip for Transport Management students

3A group of 12 AUT students majoring in Transport & Logistics Management, visited the CMA CGM Nabucco in the Beirut Port on April 27 accompanied by the VP of External Relations and Development, Marcel Hinain...
An officer on board the ship guided the group through this tour, and distributed fact sheets on the vessel to all present, and answered

all queries by the guests. The tour included the engine rooms, the bridge and other decks with explanations on the container moving procedures and on safety matters.
The visit ended by a small stop at the officer’s recreation room, where guests were offered refreshments.
Then the group headed back to the CMA-CGM offices at Riad Solh Square, where they attended a presentation on CMA CGM and the shipping business given by Nabil Khayat, director of the export department at CMA-CGM.
The field trip proved a really valuable experience to students, who hope someday to start their future careers in the shipping industry.
It is worth noting that AUT developed the Bachelor Program of Transport and Logistics Management in coordination with Erasmus University Rotterdam and with sponsorship by CMA-CGM


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