Academic Year 2011-2012

Day 7 - The Making of "Water Stories".

students_09Baptism Sequence: Shooting at St Jean Marc Church in Jbeil

The day was dedicated to recreating a baptism sequence at St Jean Marc church in Jbeil with Father Jean Jabbour and the parents of the baby, Georges and Micheline Yaacoub. The sequence is meant to support the interview by Fr Jabbour taped earlier that speaks about the holy aspect of water.


Day 6- The Making of "Water Stories".


The Swimmer Profile continued

The continuation of the swimmer’s profile had our students team shoot Tania Allawi on the beach of Byblos. Nice sunset shots!


Day 5 - The Making of "Water Stories".


Fire Brigade sequence: Shooting at the fire station in Beirut.

Lab Sequence: Interview with Dr Ziad Khayat, Dr Hady Tabbara and Dr Mirna Semaan.

The morning got our team busy shooting at the Beirut Fire Brigade. An interview with a fire brigade hero, Colonel Safi Sultani and a recreation of a fire alarm and intervention to put out a fire was a great way to demonstrate the routine of a brigade that serves the community so well.


Day 4 - The Making of "Water Stories".

filming_Bekaa_Valley_03Filming in West Bekaa, Litani Farming and The Swimmer Profile

The first day of outdoor shooting took the team- in very harsh weather conditions- to the West Bekaa along the Litani river and to the village of Saghbine where land owner and farmer Geryes Monsef was interviewed both in his home and in his fields. The river was shot from the outer wall of the Litani dam.


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