Academic Year 2013-2014

Dialogue with School Students and their Parents Continues

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Over 150 people attended the second session of “How to Support your Children for Official Exams Success?” conference that was held under the auspices and in the presence of Father Boutros Azar, on Friday, February 28 with Dr Najib El Haddad, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at AUT and Dr Ahmad Ouieny, Dr in Physiological Guidance and Learning Difficulties.


Father Azar expressed gratitude and appreciation for AUT’s efforts and stressed the importance of these seminars and their effect on the communication between parents and children in providing the best means for school success.


AUT Establishes Dialogue With School Students and Parents

ssfinaleOver 120 parents and students and school officials responded to the invitation of AUT and the Catholic Schools Association to attend a session on February 21 with psychiatrist Dr Wadih Naja and psychologist Dr Nabil Khoury about all forms of addiction that can affect the success of school students in their studies and in official exams.

Wadih Naja spoke of the several addictions to drugs and alcohol and pointed to the very important role to be assumed by parents at home to prevent such addiction from affecting their children. According to Naja, addiction hits children between the ages of 12 and 16 in most cases in Lebanon and worldwide and it is during school years that parents have to be the most watchful. Effects on concentration and memory were explained by Naja who is chief of psychiatry at the Lebanese University Faculty of Medicine. As to alcohol addiction, Naja said that research shows that the earlier children have a taste of alcohol, the more probable is that they fall into alcohol addiction. 

Khoury tackled the problem of addiction to electronic devices and  the effect it has on concentration and school success. 


Director of Mostra Internazionale de Venezia at AUT


AUT students of Arts and alumni of Audi-Visual Arts attended a meeting with Luigi Cuciniello, director of the cinema section of the Venice Film festival (La Biennale di Venezia) who is in Lebanon for the Metropolis Cinemas screening of a selection of the Biennale movies


 Cucienello gave a historic account of the Biennale and pointed to the differences between this festival and others like Cannes or Berlin, pointing to the interest in promoting movies with artistic quality. He also spoke of the ever present conflict between director and producers and the influence of politics on the Italian cinema during specific periods in history.


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