Academic Year 2016-2017

Nazih Youssef, Our Alumni...Our Pride

145News Our-Alumni-Our-PrideJuly-24-2017Nazih-Youssef

Nazih Youssef earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Communication Engineering from American University of Technology in 2003 then went on to France to join the European Business School in Paris and graduated with an MBA in 2005.


AUT Students Excel at CinemaDaMare Film Festival

140News CinemaDaMare-Film-Festival-July-13-20171

After getting 3 prizes the first and second weeks of the Italy-based CinemaDaMare film festival with Rafi Tannous (Best Cinematography), Pamela Khadra (Best Cinematography) and Charbel Chouchany (Best Film),


A full day of CS:GO, Fifa and hearthstone!

139News SUNY-COIL-Workshop-June-30-July-3-2017

Join us at AUT Halat campus on 15th of july 2017 starting 11am for a full day of CS:GO, Fifa and hearthstone! Enter the tournament and have the chance to win 5 FULL SCHOLARSHIPS at AUT! Delicious food, awesome prizes and great company provided.

For more information call: 76 80 80 01

AUT Hosts SUNY COIL Workshop

138News SUNY-COIL-Workshop-June-30-July-3-201716

AUT hosted 28 professors from State University of New York as well as from American University in Cairo and Mohammad I University in Morocco for a four-day workshop during which paired courses were designed and research projects decided for Fall 2017.


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