AUT Participates in World Senior Tourism Congress in China

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AUT participated in the first World Senior Tourism Congress held in Yantai, China May 24-25 and co-signed the charter to establish the World Senior Study Tour Federation to promote exchange of senior students among universities of the third age (U3A) and promote tourism of senior citizens.

VP Marcel Hinain presented Senior Tourism statistics in Lebanon during the Congress and sat on the main panel to discuss means to promote senior study tours among U3As. The Federation will boost senior tourism around the world drawing on the resources of the Universities for the Third Age and their outreach to senior citizens. VP Hinain already concluded exchange agreements for senior citizens enrolled at the U3A of AUT with universities in Europe.

The Congress was attended by over 400 participants who came from China and the five continents, including the Technical Collaboration director of UN World Tourism Organization, Marcel Lijzer, the deputy mayor of Toulouse Sylvie Rouillon Valdiguié and the President of the International Association of the Universities for the Third Age (IAUTA-AIUTA), François Vellas as well as the Governor of the Shandong Province in China and the President of the Tourism Board for Shandong where the city of Yantai is located.
This Congress will take place every year in China.

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