AUT Takes Part in University of London Symposium

214News AUT-Takes-Part-in-University-of-London-SymposiumMarch-6-20193

The 2019 symposium organized by University of London for the Recognized Teaching Centers around the world- of which AUT is one- was held on March 6 and 7 and was centered around the theme of purpose in education.

Speakers focused on the importance for curricula to improve employability skills in students and respond to global market requirements. New programs offered internationally through Teaching Centers were detailed during the two-day meeting and a reception in the presence of new Vice Chancellor Kopelman was held at the end of the first day. AUT President Hinain met with Pro Vice Chancellor Mary Stiasny to explore furthering the relationship between UoL and AUT and it is expected that new programs will be added to what AUT teaches for UoL

214News AUT-Takes-Part-in-University-of-London-SymposiumMarch-6-20192

214News AUT-Takes-Part-in-University-of-London-SymposiumMarch-6-20194

214News AUT-Takes-Part-in-University-of-London-SymposiumMarch-6-20195

214News AUT-Takes-Part-in-University-of-London-SymposiumMarch-6-20196

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