Third Age Universities International Conference at AUT Meets Great Success


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The theme Cultures and Universities for the Third Age attracted a lot of official and media attention as AUT hosted 28 delegates from many countries members of the International Association of the Universities for the Third Age- AIUTA-on October 11, 2019.

The conference started with an inauguration session during which the Minister of Culture Dr Mohammed Daoud Daoud said a word that stressed the importance of the education and culture of senior citizens who do not enjoy many privileges in Lebanon. He said that the UNESCO carries a mission that meets with the initiative of AUT which started a program for seniors in 2017 and hailed the conference which is helping shed a light on this segment of the population.
Members of Parliament Ziad Hawat and Simon Abi Ramia had also interventions during the inaugural session and promised to take the issue of senior citizens rights and privileges to the parliament floor, and hailed AUT for its action towards seniors.
In their turn Argentina ambassador Mauricio Alice and Czech Ambassador Michaela Fronkova spoke of universities for the third age in their respective countries and the audience has an occasion to realize the extent of the interest in the education of senior citizens that these two countries have shown.

The day continued with presentations given by the delegates from Spain, France, Italy, Slovakia, China, Lebanon, the UK and Canada and which were centered around the theme of how local cultures impact the education of senior citizens.
The conference ended with a recommendation to start a year-long series of events around archeology along the silk road, starting from Italy and ending in China with the involvement of Spain, France, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Ukraine and China where senior citizens will research local archeology and organize discussion groups around common historic heritage.
The end of the AIUTA conference was with a gala dinner at le Royal hotel in presence of 267 guests.

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