World Water Day 2022 at AUT

Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible was the theme for the 2022 World Water Day that AUT celebrated on March 24. Speakers from industry and NGO’s responded to AUT Faculty of Applied Sciences invitation to address municipal leaders and students of Water Resources Science on the topic of groundwater.

An exhaustive description of the groundwater situation in Lebanon was given by environmental engineer Farid Karam, with useful information provided about sea water intrusion while ACTED experts Abbas Abdel Sater and Ahmad Zeineddine detailed projects accomplished in several parts of Lebanon related to water supply and irrigation. Mr Fadi Kass Hanna tackled the importance of GIS in managing underground water reserves and Philip Fares concluded with technical details related to municipal activities.

The audience mainly composed of municipal leaders were invited by AUT for a free-of-charge training on using  GIS.

Celebration of World Water Day has been a tradition at AUT except for a two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic