Solid waste management and community engagement in Blat-Byblos, Lebanon- continued

This project, pioneered by the Faculty of Applied Sciences at AUT with the German foundation, Robert Bosh Stiftung, is now under  implementation of the first quarter. A meeting was held with the head of Blat municipality on April 21 and there was agreement on the following action plan:

based on 3 separate baseline assessments: 

– 1 technical assessment for the municipality that includes a survey filled by the focal point and a field visit for the waste collection from the start to the end.

– 1 technical assessment conducted in the sorting facility through an interview with the focal point and a field visit to check all the steps of the process. 

– 1 community baseline assessment conducted through a KAP survey to assess the community knowledge, attitude and practices toward solid waste management in the area. 

The project is led by Water Resources Sciences coordinator at AUT, Dr Anthony Ouba