Collaboration With Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Center

An agreement opening the way for collaboration between AUT and Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Center was signed at the National Library Foundation by AUT President Ghada Hinain and TAG Country Director Burhan Ashkar in the presence of Dr Abu-Ghazaleh and  AUT Trustees Joseph Farah, Karl Zouein, Rola Fadel and Board of Trustees President Mona Nehme.

Also present were AUT VPs and deans and the Secretary General of the Catholic Schools Association Fr Youssef Nasr.

The agreement opens the way to offering continuing courses in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, digital design and other technology-related subjects and it also entails offering courses at a graduate level in the same areas.

Dr Abu Ghazaleh and President Hinain each had a word emphasizing the importance of digital knowledge in the Arab societies and the necessity to collaborate at various levels of education to empower Arab youth in digital knowledge.