About AUT

Mission Statement

 The mission of AUT is to provide an innovative, technology-rich, entrepreneurial, experiential university research and learning environment that produces civically active and market-ready graduates.


Acting on its purpose and mission, AUT has been very active in humanitarian work, international development and aid for the local community.

• Humanitarian work:

AUT launched the Blue Caravan initiative for diabetes screening and awareness in 2013 and examined 5,000  patients throughout 40 different locations. Its action continues in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the International Diabetes Federation and the Lebanese Diabetes Society.


Human Rights involvement:

AUT has pioneered in the field of human rights by introducing this topic as a required course for all students in 2005, a step that was later on followed by other Lebanese and Arab universities.


• International development:

AUT is a partner of the United Nations for the Arab Regional Camp for human rights. It is a member of the American Association of College Registrars and Admission Officers and presided the annual meeting of Arab ACRAO of which it is an active members. All students at AUT are required to take a course in Human Rights Issues.


• Aid for the local community:

AUT has established a financial aid office that processes applications submitted by students and takes decisions on whether applicants should benefit or not from financial assistance. The assistance consists mainly as unfunded discounts on tuition fees with some students participating in a work/study program. While it does represent a great humanitarian service to the local youth, the current practice of providing unfunded discounts is not a sustainable one and therefore financial aid funding is one of the focus areas for fundraising going forward.



Teaching Philosophy

  Since traditional methods of education are no longer compatible with today’s requirements for success in professional life, AUT has adopted the student-centered active learning method of education which includes cooperative, team-based, problem-based and other innovative techniques of learning. This type of learning serves one of the goals stated in the Mission of the University as it promotes such skills as data search and analysis, critical and creative thinking, decision making and team work. AUT graduates who have studied under such methods of learning will not only acquire knowledge but will also work in a way that ensures a continued growth in knowledge and ability to apply what they know in order to gain a successful entry to the third millennium professional world.



Word of the Vice President for External Relations and Development
Mr. Marcel Hinain

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