Why We Are Different?

What makes AUT different

  • AUT follows the Active Learning Method which is more compatible for the modern workplace than traditional methods
  • AUT has integrated technology in the learning / teaching process. Students make use of the latest technological innovations in their studies and can function effectively in the new millennium business environment
  • AUT offers a sea of activities both social and physical to its students. Graduates will be  well-rounded, critical, creative, problem solving,  team players, be ready for the new business environment of the 21st century
  • AUT developed tripartite partnerships with highly reputed universities on one hand and with industry and the public sector on the other hand so students benefit from a model of learning that is best suited for professional success
  • AUT maintains a low student / teacher ratio allowing for a better learning environment
  • AUT offers constant support for students, with a dedicated Center for Student Success to help with their every need (first in Lebanon)
  • AUT placement office assists students with finding internships and jobs in Lebanon and abroad
  • AUT keeps a close watch over employment trends in Lebanon and the world and its programs are often modified in order to adapt to the ever evolving requirements of the workplace
  • AUT offers a world class university education at a reasonable cost: the tuition fee for an average full time semester does not exceed $3300 and financial aid and scholarships are available.

Joining AUT is an opportunity not only to learn with the best academic staff but also to grow as a responsible individual

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