Board of Trustees


Mrs. Mona Nehme:President of Restos du Coeur.


Mrs. Ghada Hinain:Founder and President of AUT.
Dr. Joseph Farah:Vice – President, Lawyer and president, Caritas MENA.
Prf. Nuhad Daghir:Dean Emeritus at AUB – Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.
Mr. Pierre Ashkar:Head of the Tourist Institutions Federation.
Dr. Fares Souaid:Medical Doctor and Former Member of Parliament.
Prf. Peter Raad:Executive Director, Guildhall, Southern Methodist University- Dallas.
Prf. Kenneth Abrams:Former Dean of International Programs-State University of New York.
Dr. Dee Fink:Former Dean at Oklahoma University, Founder of Dee Fink and Associates.
Mr. Marcel Hinain:Vice-President for External Relations and Development, AUT.
Mr. Jamal ChahineCEO of Ditch Witch ME
Mr. Aziz StephanCEO of Stephan Contacting- CEO Green Top Power Projects

The Advisory Board


Dr. Keith Sharp:Former director of the LSE programmes at University of London International Programmes.
Dr. Nabil Husni:Principal of Adma International School.
Dr. Ahmad Tamer:PhD Logistics, General Director, Tripoli Port Authority.
Mr. Ammar Kenaan:CEO of BCTC- Beirut Container Terminal Consortium.
Mr. Rob Rombout:Documentary maker and instructor at St Lukas University in Brussels- former VP of SCAM, Belgium.
Dr. Pieter Van Der Zaag:Professor of integrated water resources management at the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft, The Netherlands. Holds a professorship at Delft University of Technology. Head of the Department of Integrated Water Systems and Governance.