Librarian & Archivist

The American University of Technology-AUT is looking for its Halat Campus, for a Librarian &

Main Duties Performed:
a. Carries out library duties at the AUT Library to ensure that library regulations are applied
and respected by users. Includes monitoring the exit and entry of books, journals and other Library materials.
b. Assists Library users in researching specific materials available in the Library and required by them. Includes providing information on availability and location of sources. Informs users about Library borrowing regulations and procedures to ensure their satisfaction.
c. Facilitates and supports learning by teaching information retrieval skills to students and staff.
d. Provides information on searching mechanisms and available journals in the Library to
ensure an easy search for users. Includes printing requested material from computers system as required.
e. Coordinates inter-library book borrowing with AUT’s Library and ensures timely
delivery and return of books. Includes receiving requests from faculty and students and arranging for borrowing according to established procedures.
f. Manages and develops collection of books, journal and websites.
g. Maintains relationships with external bodies such as suppliers
h. Contributes to academic course development and liaise with academic departments
i. Creates, updates and manages information resources- both electronic and printed; selects,
acquires and catalogues information using library and information software.
j. Deals with user inquiries which may involve one-on-one advice
k. Establishes and manages for the budget for library and information services, technology and media
l. Order materials and maintains records for payment of invoices
m. Maintains inventories, compiles statistics and generates reports as required.
n. Performs other related duties such as attending conferences dealing with library issues,
maintaining good housekeeping, observing safety rules and regulations, etc.
o. Create and maintain accessible, retrievable computer archives and databases,
incorporating current advances in electric information storage technology.
p. Organize archival records and develop classification systems to facilitate access to archival materials.

Minimum Requirements:
a. B.Sc. Library Science or equivalent.
b. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in Library and Archiving operations.
c. Good knowledge of written and spoken Arabic and English.
d. Computer literate.

If interested, please send your CV to [email protected]