Word of the President

Ghada Hinain, President

Embracing the 21st Century…In an ever-evolving era, where barriers have been uplifted, walls broken down and frontiers surmounted, the world has become a global village.

The rise of new powers and demise of others, the unprecedented growth of technology and communication, the emergence of new markets and challenges have redrawn the parameters. Described as a world of ‘cascading interdependence’, the world today confronts us with a kaleidoscope of 21st Century issues to be tackled in all their dimensions through different lenses. Only then can we comprehend the complexity of this new era called Globalization.

Traditional methods are revised and paradigms shifted in order to meet the challenges of 21st Century global markets. Individuals need to consider a multitude of factors before making decisions of socioeconomic, geopolitical, technological, ecological and cultural importance. Here a question poses itself. Is our Higher Education System paving the way for such an evolutionary shift?  The answer lies with us.

AUT has already taken the mantle to prepare coming generations for the new era. Its main focus is on promoting interpersonal and intrapersonal relations, leadership and independent maturity. A hands-on application of knowledge complements a solid theoretical background. The eclectic nature of learning is emphasized in the classroom, on the web, in on-the-job training as well as at the workplace.

AUT students will not only accumulate a wealth of information, but also learn to screen, analyse and transform this information into valuable knowledge.

Welcome to AUT. Welcome to the 21st Century education.

Ghada Hinain, President