Faculty of Applied Sciences

The Dean of Applied Sciences:

Dr. Georges Rammouz

Imagine the commodities we’re using in daily life: “Applied Sciences”; it means Science for a sustainable future.

As the Dean is responsible for the prosperity of this scientific institution, I am sharing my pleasure and pride with everyone who is part of our faculty. With AMBITION, we aim for acquiring the most adequate resource and achieving optimal performance.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) cultivates excellence with top-quality and robust programs including Water Resources, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Environmental Health Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics. Over the past decades, we have earned the reputation of one of the leading higher education institutions. At the same time, our main goals are the development of science, improvement of creativity, as well as our constant efforts to ensure the quality and standards for our unique and authentic programs. The FAS philosophy is based on the student-centered, active-learning education environment which includes cooperative, team-based, problem-based and other innovative techniques of learning aligning with AUT vision. We are convinced that the future graduates are continuously working in a way of growth in knowledge and the ability to apply what they know in order to access to their professional life. They will be successful leaders in their own fields of specialization all over the world.

The FAS team looks forward continuing their hard work to cultivate excellence in research and teaching and to constantly improve working conditions, advising, supervision and more generally the well-being of students and academics. The FAS will always persevere in its efforts to further develop relations with secondary schools to share with the youth our passion for science.

Our values and the strength of our programs can be seen in our alumni. The knowledge you gain through your life is one of the greatest assets for developing your career and shaping your future. What you learn in your formal education and through professional development seminars, certificate programs and how you put that knowledge into practice, is what sets you on a path for life. This is why we offer our students and the participants in our educational programs, learning which combines both theory and practice.

I believe that tomorrow’s leaders are made, not born. As such, FAS is committed to providing our blueprint for leadership development: an alliance of interdisciplinary learning, technical fluency, life skills, community interaction, and crucial conversations about what leadership means and looks like on campus, in the workplace, and in society at large. There are much other news, discoveries, events and activities to share. Please take a minute to visit our websites to learn some of “what’s up” with our team and students and you will find that your future is here.

Dr. Georges Rammouz

Competitve Advantages:

  • Hands-on learning provides students with campus-earned experience.
  • Programs include extensive research projects to get students prepared for professional success.
  • The campus infrastructure allows for state-of-the art technology equipment at the disposal of students.
  • Students are encouraged to innovate and test new concepts and ideas.
  • Emphasis is placed on acquiring a strong theoretical background coupled with extensive practical know-how.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates in Computer Science and Computer Engineering find employment in all technology sectors including:

  • Software Development
  • Networking
  • Multi-media
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Telecommunications
  • Information Systems Development

Graduates in Nutrition and Environmental Health find employment in:

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Dieting Consultancy
  • Corporate Health
  • Environment Protection Agencies and NGOs

Graduates in Water Resources Science find employment in:

  • Government and Public Institutions
  • Municipal Councils and Local Government
  • International Organizations
  • NGOs concerned with water issues

A Math for Science Placement Test is needed for admission into Computer Science and Information Technology.

The English Placement Test is required for all majors.