Environmental Health

Environmental Health (99 Credits)

Faculty Environment Course Requirements15 creditsGrade must be C or higher in every Major Course
Code# CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
BIO201General Biology4ENG203
CHE201Basic Chemistry4ENG203
CHE211Introductory Organic Chemistry4CHE201
STA210Statistics For Science3 
Specialization Core Requirements52 Credits
Code# CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
ENV203Ecological Systems3BIO201
ENV220Air and Air Pollution3CHE201
ENV230Environmental Food Pollutants3CHE201 & CHE211
ENV246Fundamental Environmental Chemistry2CHE201 & CHE211
ENV251Occupational Health And Regulations/Public Health Law3 
ENV280Water Pollutants and Waste Water Mgt3BIO201, CHE201, CHE211 & WGS225
ENV285Toxicology and Health Hazard3CHE211
ENV290Genetic Resources and Population3ENV203 & BIO201
ENV311Management of Natural Resources3 
ENV312Environmental Toxicology3BIO201, CHE201, CHE211 & WGS225
ENV321Environmental Health Management3 
ENV332Environmental Impact Assessment3 
ENV340Environmental Economics3 
ENV356Environmental Policies3 
ENV360Renewable Energy and Climate Change3 
ENV371Community Health and Public Awarness3 
ENV391Environmental Unit Operation2 
WGS225Environmental Microbiology3BIO201
Free Elective  6 credits 
Total Credits  99 credits