Food Sciences

General Education Requirements26 Credits 
Code# CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
Group A : Language and Communication (12 credits)
ENG260English Language Skills I (ENG 200 – English Writing Skills)3Placement
ENG280English Language Skills II (ENG 203 – English Communication I)3 
ENG305Research Methodology (ENG 204 – English Communication II)3ENG203
BUS210Business Communication Skills (COM 210 – Communication & Presentation Skills)3ENG203
Group B : General Business & Humanities (7 credits)
ENT301Start-up Business Entrepreneurship 3 
HUM212AUT Cultural Plus1 
HUM318Human Rights3ENG 203
Group C : Arts & Social Sciences (3 credits)
ART205Contemporary Arts 3 
HUM210Arts Appreciation3 
HUM211Music Appreciation3 
POL202Globalization and Political Change3ENG 203
SOC202Justice, Society and Gender3ENG 203
Group D : Mathematics, Science and Technology (3 credits)
HLT210Health and Wellness3 
NTR201Introduction to Nutrition3ENG 203
Group E : Health and Physical Education (1 credits)
PED.Physical Education1 
Faculty Health Course Requirements21 CreditsGrade must be C or higher in every Major Course
BIO201General Biology4ENG203
BIO210Human Physiology3BIO201
BIO261Introductory Biochemistry3CHE211
CHE201Basic Chemistry4ENG203
CHE211Introductory Organic Chemistry4CHE201
STA210Statistics For Science3 
Specialization Core Requirements43 CreditsGrade must be C or higher in every Major Course
Code# CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
NTR211Food and Nutrition3BIO201
NTR231Food Chemistry3NTR211, CHE201
NTR313Nutrition Assessment4NTR211
NTR322Food Processing3BIO201, CHE201
NTR331Food Microbiology & Safety4NTR211
NTR340Foundations in Food Service Systems3Co. NTR211
NTR440Techniques Food Sensory Analysis3NTR211
NTR408Food and Drug Interaction1Co. NTR410
NTR423Food Marketing3NTR211, BIO261
NTR411Dietetics I4NTR441
NTR422Food Analysis2NTR231
NTR441Principles of Clinical Nutrition4NTR345
NTR452Nutrition in Life Cycle3NTR313
NTR320Food and Quality Assurance and Control3
Free Elective  6
Total Credits  99 Credits