Master of Science in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers two Master of Science degree programs: one in Computer Science and the other in Information Technology. These programs are designed to provide advanced knowledge of the fields of study in order to enhance the potential and competence of graduates searching for better study and career opportunities.

Master of Science in Computer Science (39 Credits)

 A. Core Courses 15 Credits 
 Code  Title Cr  Prerequisites
CSC510Artificial Intelligence3 
CSC514Theory of Computation3 
CSC520Human Computer Interaction3 
CSC541Advanced Operating Systems3 
ENG500Professional English3 
 B. Major Courses 24 CreditsGrade must be B or higher in every Major course
 Choose one of the following options: 9 Credits 
 Option 1: Database Systems  
CSC515Advanced Systems Analysis & Design3 
CSC516Advanced Database Systems3 
CSC617Data Mining3CSC516
Option 2: Web and Mobile Applications
CSC519Web Application Development3 
CSC618Mobile Application Design and Development3CSC519
CSC620Distributed Systems3CSC541
Major Electives (any graduate level CSC courses)6 Credits
 Major Elective 13 
 Major Elective 23ENG 203
Choose one of the following Orientations:9 Credits
CSC517Project Management3
CSC688Master Project in CS (two semesters)6 
CSC518Research Methodology and Topics in CS  
CSC698Master Thesis in CS (two semesters)  
Degree Total39 Credits