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The main objective of this AUT project for the National Heritage Day 2015 is an awareness campaign for the importance of HERITAGE AS CULTURAL CAPITAL using different innovative technologies to provide visitors with more creative and accurate information about cultural heritage sites.

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AUT New Dean of Arts and Humanities Wants to “make his faculty a nexus of information, research and creativity to which academics and artists from the Middle East all flock to”

Dr Georges Dorlian on his new position as Dean of Arts and Humanities:

“After more than four decades in the field of teaching humanities and literature, and occupying higher administrative positions (founding various programs, leading PR office, and serving as Dean) at the Lebanese University, USJ, USEK and the University of Balamand); I am honored now to be part of the American University of Technology as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. I will place all my experience and knowledge in service of this faculty and university, along with my colleagues in the faculty.


In addition to my interest in developing the arts and infusing new energy into the majors, I also aim to reinvigorate the humanities and add new majors and divisions (for example political science, psychology, physical education…).  These new majors and the development of the old ones will build a strong and rich Faculty of Arts and Humanities.


The vision is to make this faculty a nexus of information, research and creativity to which academics and artists from the Middle East all flock to. A faculty with a vibrant research division, publications, conferences, talks, symposium and workshops would solidify the faculty’s role as cultural, academic and social hub for the region.


I am sure with the support of the faculty, students and administration we will be able to achieve these goals and more. 


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The programs include hands-on training to prepare graduates for success in the industry.

Internships, which are an integral part of all curricula, expose students to the realities of the workplace and close the gap between the academic and the business world.

Creativity is encouraged not only in course-related projects but also in campus events organized by students.

The teaching staff all have industry experience and provide better guidance for professional success.

Graduates in Graphic Design find employment in many sectors including the media, printing, advertising, theater, and manufacturing

Graduates in Interior Design can work in the fields of set decoration, internal space organization and furniture design.

Graduates in Audio-Visual Arts are recruited by film production companies, TV networks, radio stations, video clip production houses and theater companies.

Graduates in Public Relations can find employment with all kinds of companies and organizations conscious of the importance of the relations with the public and the media and the importance of company image. They can also work for public institutions, government agencies, lobbying groups, non-governmental organizations.

Graduates in Journalism and Radio/TV usually find employment with the media, TV networks and radio stations

A Placement Exam in English is required for all majors
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