Faculty of Arts and Humanities

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers a wide space for creativity for both students and faculty as they are encouraged to explore new innovative ways of expressing thoughts and ideas whether through design , film or other forms of communication.

Its programs are regularly updated to accompany trends in all art fields and visiting professors from partner universities take an active role in bringing in cultural elements that enrich students’ profiles.

Word of the Dean:

Dr. Derek Bouse

As Lebanon endures a prolonged economic crisis, the need may never have been greater for an educated generation ready to confront the challenges of rebuilding the economy, and of restoring the vibrant social and cultural life for which the country has long been known. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities embodies these two aspirations. Its applied arts programs — Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Audio-Visual production — and its degree programs aimed at training Journalists, English Teachers, and Translators are all conceived to equip students to meet the future on their own terms — and tame it. Our faculty and staff members are committed to students’ creativity, to their intellectual growth, and to creating opportunities for them to flourish.

Dr. Derek Bouse

Competitve Advantages:

  • The programs include hands-on training to prepare graduates for success in the industry
  • Internships, which are an integral part of all curricula, expose students to the realities of the workplace and close the gap between the academic and the business world.
  • Creativity is encouraged not only in course-related projects but also in campus events organized by students.
  • The teaching staff all have industry experience and provide better guidance for professional success.

Career Oppotrunities:

  • Graduates in Graphic Design find employment in many sectors including the media, printing, advertising, theater, and manufacturing
  • Graduates in Interior Design can work in the fields of set decoration, internal space organization and furniture design.
  • Graduates in Audio-Visual Arts are recruited by film production companies, TV networks, radio stations, video clip production houses and theater companies.
  • Graduates in Public Relations can find employment with all kinds of companies and organizations conscious of the importance of the relations with the public and the media and the importance of company image. They can also work for public institutions, government agencies, lobbying groups, non-governmental organizations.
  • Graduates in Journalism and Radio/TV usually find employment with the media, TV networks and radio stations