Translation and Communication

Translation and Communication (102 Credits)

General Education Requirements26 Credits 
Code# CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
Group A : Language and Communication (12 credits)
ENG260English Language Skills I (ENG 200 – English Writing Skills)3Placement
ENG280English Language Skills II (ENG 203 – English Communication I)3 
ENG305Research Methodology (ENG 204 – English Communication II)3ENG203
BUS210Business Communication Skills (COM 210 – Communication & Presentation Skills)3ENG203
Group B : General Business & Humanities (7 credits)
ENT301Start-up Business Entrepreneurship 3 
HUM212AUT Cultural Plus1 
HUM318Human Rights3ENG 203
Group C : Arts & Social Sciences (3 credits)
ART205Contemporary Arts 3 
HUM210Arts Appreciation3 
HUM211Music Appreciation3 
POL202Globalization and Political Change3ENG 203
SOC202Justice, Society and Gender3ENG 203
Group D : Mathematics, Science and Technology (3 credits)
HLT210Health and Wellness3 
NTR201Introduction to Nutrition3ENG 203
Group E : Health and Physical Education (1 credits)
PED.Physical Education1 
Major Core Requirements  76 Credits 
Code# CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
TRA201Arabic for Translators3 
TRA202French for Translators3 
TRA203English for Translators3 
TRA211General Translation I A-B/B-A3TRA201 & TRA202
ACT230Actualities in the Arab World3 
BUS305Introduction to Business3 
DRT310Introduction to Law (A)3 
DRT311Introduction au Droit (B)3 
TRA301Introduction to Documentary Research3 
TRA310Translation Principles3 
TRA311General Translation II A-B/B-A3TRA211
TRA312General Translation III A-C/C-A3 
TRA331Expression Techniques in Arabic3 
TRA332Expression Techniques in French3 
TRA410English Morphology and Syntax3ENG204
TRA412General Translation IV B-C/C-B3 
TRA413Advanced Translation A-B/B-A3TRA311
TRA415Advanced Translation A-C/C-A3TRA312
TRA430Traduction Juridique A-B/B-A3DRT310 & DRT311
TRA450Translation of Business Texts A-C/C-A3BUS305
TRA460Computer Assisted Translation3CSC200 or CSC201
TRA466Conference Translation A, B, C3 
TRA470Medical Translation A, B, C3HLT210 & NTR201