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The AUT Faculty of Business Administration prepares the future Managers and Entrepreneurs of Lebanon and the Arab World in a unique way. The blend of strong theoretical foundation and practical work is one main feature of the various programs offered and provides the best preparation to AUT graduates for success in the global workplace

The Faculty of Business Administration (Marketing, Management, Banking and Finance, Economics, Accounting, Business Computing and Hospitality Management) endeavors to encourage students creativity and develop their problem solving skills, to enable them to excel throughout their professional careers.

The Faculty also assists students in internship placement and in their job search through the rich network of contacts in Lebanon and the Arab World.
*  The pioneer in introducing new programs and curricula tapping on emerging market needs and trends in Lebanon and the Arab World.

* Excellent academic standards at reasonable tuition fees.

* A committment to developing value-centered business leaders through education that is experiential, result-oriented, entrepreneurial in spirit, ethical in focus, and global in orientation.

* Students benefit from non-traditional instruction methods such as active cooperative learning as well as integrated technology in the classroom.

* Renowned business faculty combining the highest academic achievements with on-going research and community outreach.

* International academic partnerships & affiliations

Private, public, and government sector positions Banking, insurance, and investment companies Non-profit organizations including schools, universities, and hospitals

Advertising & Marketing
Middle management positions in local and global companies (in sales, promotion, and marketing departments) Advertising/marketing agencies and research firms

Banking & Finance
Investment, brokerage, and financial planning firms Banking, investment banking, and other financial institutions Real estate, corporate finance, and insurance

Researcher in a major brokerage house Fund analyst for an asset management group or investment bank. Consultant in a management consultancy firm

Hospitality & Tourism Management
Hotels, resorts, and leisure facilities Destination management and consultancy Restaurant, bar, catering, and fast-food outlet management

International Business & Entrepreneurship
Positions in exports and imports Start-up businesses and small business management Family business management

Management & Human Resources
Positions in manufacturing, distributing, and service industries Staff positions in Human Resource Management and industrial relations Other areas of transportation and physical distribution sectors

Management Information Systems
(Business Computing)
Information systems analyst Business systems consultants and e-business developers Managers/analysts in information systems departments.

Placement Exams in English and Math are required for undergraduate studies

Admission Requirements for Sophomore Students

Applicants for admission into the Sophomore year at AUT must be holders of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalence granted by the Ministry of Education in Lebanon.

The documents to submit for acceptance into the Sophomore year are:

  • An AUT application form duly filled out
  • The official Baccalaureate diploma
  • Identification papers
  • Family extract
  • Scores of the last 3 years of schooling
  • 4 passport-size photos

The English and Math Placement exams are needed for all applicants to the Faculty of Business.

Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

Students who have started their university studies at a recognized higher education institution and wish to transfer to AUT must supply the following documents:

  • An AUT application form duly filled out
  • The official Baccalaureate diploma or its equivalence
  • An official transcript issued by the institution the student is transferring from
  • Identification papers
  • Family extract
4 passport-size photos

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