Hospitality Management

What makes Hospitality Management at AUT special?

The Hospitality Management program at AUT, which consists of 99 credits, provides the student with the knowledge, training and skills essential to obtaining leadership roles in hospitality. Our program combines theoretical classes with practical skills in order to prepare our students for their future jobs or students compete in local & international competitions  to obtain practical experience.

In addition to the regular academic program, an agreement was made with (Boecker), the most reputable food safety company in the Middle East. This agreement allows AUT students to complete training seminars and obtain highly valuable professional certifications.

AUT also assists students in completing their professional internships through local and international partnerships with the best hospitality establishments in Lebanon and across the world. AUT has agreements with 5-star hotels in Lebanon and the Arab world so students can acquire practical skills in the best way. AUT also offers the possibility of completing 3 months of internship in the USA and acquire professional certificates from hospitality and tourism associations in the USA. This gives our students a clear advantage in getting the best positions in hotels around the world.

Hospitality management at AUT is not like any other major; it is an experience that will change your life and prepare you for a shining future.

What courses are included in the program?

In addition to Business courses like statistics accounting, marketing, economics, the program offers restaurant operations, front office management, culinary theory and practice, food safety, cost control, tourism management. You also earn professional certifications from Boecker for food safety, IATA for tourism and travel, municipal authorities like Byblos Municipality for joint projects in food safety and tourism ministries in countries you conduct field studies in (Cyprus, Turkey, UAE…). Such certifications prepare you much better for success in your careers,

What are the career opportunities in Hospitality Management?

A graduate in Hospitality Management will work in:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants and Catering
  • Meetings and Event Planning
  • Tourism and Attraction
  • Casino Management
  • Sports Managemen
  • Airlines and Cruise Ships
  • Spa and Wellness Management and many more.

Hospitality Management

General Education Requirements26 Credits 
Code# CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
Group A : Language and Communication (12 credits)
ENG260English Language Skills I (ENG 200 – English Writing Skills)3Placement
ENG280English Language Skills II (ENG 203 – English Communication I)3 
ENG305Research Methodology (ENG 204 – English Communication II)3ENG203
BUS210Business Communication Skills (COM 210 – Communication & Presentation Skills)3ENG203
Group B : General Business & Humanities (7 credits)
ENT301Start-up Business Entrepreneurship 3 
HUM212AUT Cultural Plus1 
HUM318Human Rights3ENG 203
Group C : Arts & Social Sciences (3 credits)
ART205Contemporary Arts 3 
HUM210Arts Appreciation3 
HUM211Music Appreciation3 
POL202Globalization and Political Change3ENG 203
SOC202Justice, Society and Gender3ENG 203
Group D : Mathematics, Science and Technology (3 credits)
HLT210Health and Wellness3 
NTR201Introduction to Nutrition3ENG 203
Group E : Health and Physical Education (1 credits)
PED.Physical Education1 
1. Business Requirements – (40 credits)  
Code# CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
ACC210Principles of Accounting I3ENG020
ACC215Principles of Accounting II3ACC210
BUS230Business Law3MGT201
BUS310Quantitative Methods for Business3MAT221
BUS491Internship1Consent of Dept.
HRM320Human Resources Management3MGT201
MAT221Calculus & Applied Math for Business3 
MGT201Management Principles3ENG203
MKT201Marketing Principles3ENG203
MIS360Management Information Systems3MGT201
STA211Business Statistics3 
SPA/ITA201Foreign Language3 
2. Emphasis Requirements – (31 credits)
Code# CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
HOM201Principles of Hospitality & Tourism3ENG203
HOM220Culinary Theory and Practice3 
HOM230Beverage Management3 
HOM240Service Management, Ettiquette and Protocol3 
HOM260Food Safety3ENG203
HOM325Restaurant Operation Management3HOM201
HOM326Food, Beverage, and Labour Cost Control3HOM325
HOM322Front Office Information System3HOM201
HOM324Hosp. Management Training1Consent of Dept.
HOM399Hosp. Architecture and Design3HOM325
HOM427Sales & Marketing in the Hospitality Industry3MKT201, HOM201
3. Free Electives – (2 credits)  
Free Elective (200 level or above2