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AUT is happy to offer the lawyers’ community in Lebanon the opportunity to expand their legal expertise made necessary with globalization and the presence of multinational companies in this area by teaming up with University of London to offer one of the best-rated LLM programmes in the world. Having operated many joint academic ventures with universities in Europe and the United States of America for over 10 years, AUT brings its international experience to ensure the success of this current programme. In this respect AUT is now a Teaching Institution and Recognized Teaching Centre for University of London LLM programme. Check the AUT status with university of London at https://london.ac.uk/american-university-technology

University of London International Programmes The University of London is one of the oldest, largest and most diverse universities in the UK. A federation of research-based higher education institutions, the University of London is committed to undergraduate and/or postgraduate teaching of the highest quality in a research environment. The range and breadth of activity within the University provides it with a unique character and high level of distinction. Established in 1858, the University of London manages the majority of the University’s distance learning courses to make University of London degrees accessible to students staying overseas who, for one reason or another, could not leave their home countries for study. Today, there are more than 51,000 students in over 180 countries studying for more than 100 University of London qualifications, 88% of whom are outside the UK.

The MOU signed with the Beirut Bar Association opens the way to organizing LLM Support Lectures through the LLM Support Program at the Beirut Bar Association, Institute, 3rd floor.

LLM Support Program Catalogue: You can find more information about the cooperation with University of London -UoL, and about the LLM support program in the LLM Support Program Catalogue at the  following link  click here

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