Alumni Association Bylaws

I -Membership

Article 1
All graduates of the American University of Technology are members in the Alumni Association.

Article 2
All students who complete the Alumni Association membership from and pay annual dues are active members of the Alumni Association.

Article 3
The executive committee may set dues for the membership of the Alumni Association as it deems necessary. Dues may be set only once a year and go into effect for the following calendar year.

Article 4
The Alumni Association calendar year is from January 1 of each year through December 31 of the following calendar year.

II-Executive Committee

Article 1
The Executive Committee shall govern the Alumni Association. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Director of Membership, Director of Elections, Secretary, Webmaster and Treasurer,
President, the duties of the president shall include but not limited to:

• Preside over Executive Committee meetings
• Ensure that offices carry out their responsibilities
• Coordinate participation in regional and national conferences
• Represent the Alumni Association
• Work with campus entities to promote the Alumni Association, student development, and student organizations.
• Oversee the officers elections
• Call for meetings whenever necessary

Vice President, the duties of the Vice President shall include but not limited to
• Perform the duties of President in the absence of the President
• Process Funding Requests, Bank Accounts, Budgets
• Oversee the Webmaster
• Database management

Director of Membership, the duties of the Director of Membership shall include but not limited to
• Coordinate a recognition program for active alumni members
• Coordinate Alumni Association awards
• Serve on other Alumni Association Committees
• Chair ad-hoc committees established by the president

Director of Elections
• Coordinate Alumni Association elections
• Prepare Biographical information of candidates
• Publication of Alumni Association elections date, time and location
• Make all required arrangements with local authorities
• Work with Webmaster to publish information about candidates

Secretary, the duties of the Secretary shall include but not limited to
• Record the minute of Each Executive Committee meeting
• Be responsible for all correspondence on behalf of the Alumni Association
• Be responsible for composing update phone and address lists as well as semester calendars to be distributed to the Executive Officers and other Members on request
Webmaster, the duties of the Webmaster shall include but not limited to
• Design and update a website for the Alumni Association
• Coordinate with the University Webmaster to include all the events on campus and transmitting these to all members of the Alumni Association
• Be responsible to advertise on the web all events on and off campus
• Be responsible to keep a complete record of all members
• Be responsible for the online application forms

Treasurer, the duties of the treasurer shall include but not limited to
• Serve as Chief Financial Officer to the Alumni Association
• Maintain an accurate account of the fiscal activities of the Alumni Association
• Be responsible for the Annual Budget. The budget shall be approved by the Executive Committee with the disbursement of funds at the discretion of the Treasurer
• Be responsible for completing all financial obligations on behalf of the Alumni Association
• Provide documentation of all transactions
• Organize and coordinate all Alumni Association Fund-Raising Activities
• Has the authority to approve all expenses under $100 or its equivalence in Lebanese or any other currency.

Article 2

Appointment of Directors

• Directors shall be considered appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee in a meeting held no later than January 31st following a review of all applications by all voting members of the Executive Committee.
• Executive Committee meetings shall take place during the first week of each month during the academic year
• Attendance is mandatory for all members
• Each member is allowed two excused absences from meetings. Requests must be presented to the president at least 48 hours in advance

Article 3

Qualification of Officers and Directors

• All students who are members of the AUT Alumni Association with good academic standing may run or apply for an office with the Alumni Association.

Article 4


• Any officer who fails to uphold the requirements of the office through willful neglected of constitutional violations shall be requested to resign in lieu of impeachment by 2/3 majority of the executive committee.

III- Meetings and Procedures

Article 1


• A majority of the members of the Executive Committee then in office constitutes a quorum.
• If a meeting is to commence with a quorum, business may continue until adjournment of the meeting notwithstanding the withdrawal or temporary absence of sufficient persons to reduce the number present to less than a quorum
• If a quorum is present, the vote of a majority of those present and voting is sufficient to conduct the business of the Executive Committee.
• If a quorum is not present, the member of the Executive Committee present my adjourn the meeting and call for another meeting that will have a quorum with any present members.

Article 2

Amendments to the Bylaws

• Any member of the student Alumni Association may propose an amendment to the Bylaws
• Proposals to amend the Bylaws must be presented in written form to the Executive Committee
• The proposal to amend the Bylaws must receive a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Committee membership in order to achieve passage.

IV- Chapters’ Duties

• Chapters are required to meet at least once a month. The time and place of meetings shall be decided by the President of the Chapter.
• Chapters are required to organize at least one major annual event and two gatherings per year.
• Chapters are required to fully abide by the Articles of the Alumni Association Constitution and Bylaws.

V-Alumni Activities

• Encourage alumni to donate and participate in the development efforts of AUT
• Establish and administer an annual calendar for activities for approval during the fall session.
• Recruit volunteers and students to assist in organizing events.
• Assist the Director of Relations and the Director of Alumni Affairs in promoting AUT and the Alumni activities.
• Prepare a quarterly progress report about the chapter activities.


• Members shall pay their dues directly to the Chapter or to the Alumni Affairs Office. 20% of all dues shall be credited to the AA account.
• All donations received by the Chapter shall be made directly to AUT and shall be credited as may be designated by the donor.
• The Chapter shall pay all costs of the necessary activities Proper accounting and recording shall be kept in the office of the Chapter.
• The Chapter shall open a banking account that bears two signatures, that of the Treasurer and the President (or the Vice President in his/her absence). Detailed accounting system should be kept in the office of the Chapter.
• At the end of the Fiscal Year, 75% of accumulated accounts that were not used shall be transferred into AUT account. The remaining 25% shall be kept with the Chapter and transferred to the following academic year.
• AUT may review at its own discretion the books of a Chapter
• Chapters of the Alumni Association are authorized to use AUT name and logo for all their authorized activities.