AUT Joins NewGen Peacebuilders Initiative

AUT has accepted the invitation by The Rotary International Foundation to join a series of workshops around peace building that it is promoting in Lebanon in collaboration with NewGen Peacebuilders.

NewGen Peacebuilders is a global, award-winning peace education, training and mentoring program and will be available in Lebanon for the first time. Up to 100 students (ages 18-25 showing genuine interest in addressing community issues and challenges) from eight universities/campuses across Lebanon will be accepted into the program. AUT students showed interest and over 12 had enrolled the second day after they were informed.

It is worth mentioning that this type of program meets AUT’s policy of promoting human rights after it introduced a compulsory course in human rights in 2004 that all students take during their study at AUT.

This program kicks off in June 2021 and projects are presented up to mid-August of the same year.