AUT Mourns Trustee

AUT just lost Mrs Leila Saleeby Dagher, a painful loss that all the AUT community mourns. Read what the Board of Trustees President Mrs Mona Nehme wrote:

Tribute to Dr. Leyla Saliby Dagher

“Pray for me my dear Mona please”

This was the cry from the heart that shocked me, shook me, saddened me in the depths of myself when I heard your little voice calling me for help. But the Lord has allowed you to leave us so quickly to take you away from the suffering of this cruel disease.

My great friend, forever you will remain so. My little secrets and your advice will continue to light my steps. Your comforting and reassuring smile in the face of the problems we faced was always the beautiful solution.

Reserved, respectful, never having bad thoughts or bad reactions, always adopting the positive side….

My great Lady you were a flame full of energy, ready for service, for the fulfillment of a duty, for the realization of a project, without ever waning or fatigue.

The interest of the L.A.U. took precedence over your private life, “Mona we must arrive. I promise I’ll do my best.” The work for you was a dance, a ballet on tiptoe. Your life was a beautiful, relaxing painting to admire and contagious in its contents.

Truth, transparency and above all perseverance, the joy of collaborating, and success were the traces of your life.

Leyla, your cry remains in my ears and your smile will forever lighten the flame of our friendship in my heart.

You’re a big loss to our L.A.U. family, but I’m sure you’ll be watching our course carefully. Dr. Michel Mouawad, President of the L.A.U., Mr. Philipe Stoltzfus our Chairman of the Board and all honorable members, to our entire great family, and especially to dear Professor Joe Jabbra, I convey my regret.

And the American University of Technology AUT that you supported with so much energy helping these young people tirelessly. Your wisdom on our Board of Trustees put us in front of the obvious, your watchful gaze will follow me everywhere, you always wanted us to succeed.

In your simplicity, humility and truth, you stimulated me as President of the Board to overcome all barriers and move forward.

We will remain lifelong friends with Dr. Nouhad Dagher, and Maitre Farah Joseph. To President Dr. Ghada Hinain and her husband Marcel and the entire family of the A.U.T. My deepest condolences.

Let us unite to pray that “Her soul will rest in peace.”

Mona Nehmé

Member of the Board of trustees L.A.U

Chair of the A.U.T. Board of Trustees