AUT Participates in Greater Lebanon Centennial Celebrations

AUT President Ghada Hinain attended the ceremony organized by patriarch Bishara Rahi in Diman on September 1 to celebrate the centennial of the foundation of the Greater Lebanon. The ceremony included a performance by the Kadisha Orchestra and Choir which interpreted hymns in Arabic, Armenian, Greek and Aramean to show the Kadisha Valley cultural heritage.
Hinain also signed an MOU with the Qanoubine Association for Cultural Message and Heritage which is under Patriarch Rahi’s supervision to contribute research around the history of the Valley and to provide training for several areas needed for the Valley to promote its heritage to visitors and scholars.
AUT and President Hinain’s involvement in the Qannoubne Valley started in 2004 when she inaugurated the Maronite Patriarchs Garden under Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir and in presence of former President of the Republic Emile Lahoud. The Garden is meant to commemorate the contributions of Maronite patriarchs to the history of Lebanon and became a platform for other foundations that are now managed by the Qanoubine Association for Cultural Message and Heritage.