Business Management & Human Resources

Business Management & Human Resources

BSc and BBA in Management by University of London and AUT
What is Management as a Major?

Students will gain a broad knowledge of how organizations operate and will develop critical skills in analyzing business decisions and processes. The program includes courses in economics, management, human resources, statistics, accounting, business law and other social sciences to equip students with a critical understanding both of business and organizations more broadly.

Who are our international partners?

The degrees are awarded by the University of London and have academic direction from the London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE, one of the University of London’s constituent colleges. The University of London is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, and the LSE is internationally famous for its cutting-edge research and teaching; it has 16 Nobel prizes among its past and present faculty.

What are the benefits of enrolling in this major at AUT?

AUT is one of only a few universities in the world where it is possible to enroll on a dual degree programme and simultaneously study for a degree from AUT and the University of London. Graduates of the dual degree programme will therefore be highly sought after by employers both locally and internationally. Most courses are taught by LSE professors who visit AUT for intensive lecturing so you will get the same quality of education as if you were studying at LSE in London. Exams are held at the British Council and students who complete successfully either program earn two degrees: a BSc from University of London under academic direction by the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science- LSE, and a BBA from AUT duly accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Lebanon. The program consists of 99 AUT credits and an equivalent of 72 UoL credits. Also, your graduation ceremony takes place in London.

Where do I find work?

Many students will find employment in banks and other financial institutions, whilst others will go on to more general management and leadership roles in large and international organizations. Students will be well equipped for employment in both public and private sectors.

How does the program synchronize education with community outreach/internship?

This program enjoys the support of a special Advisory Board made up of public and private figures in finance and management. This Board will offer students many high-quality internships at international organizations and will open up important career horizons to the graduates of these 2 programs.

What higher degrees can be pursued after BS?
Graduates of the LSE-led University of London degrees have gone on to highly prestigious masters degrees, for example at the London School of Economics, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

General Education Requirements

  26 credits
Code # CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
                            Group A : Language and Communication (10 credits)
ENG203English Communication I3 
ENG204English Communication II3ENG203
BUS210Business Communication Skills3ENG203
BUS215Business Presentation Skills1Coreq. BUS210
                            Group B : General Business & Humanities (7 credits)
ENT301Start-up Business Entrepreneurship3 
HUM212AUT Cultural Plus1 
HUM318Human Rights3ENG203
                            Group C : Arts & Social Sciences (3 credits)
ART205 Contemporary  Arts3 
HUM210Arts Appreciation3 
HUM211Music Appreciation3 
POL202Globalization and Political Change3ENG203
SOC202Justice, Society and Gender3ENG203
                            Group D : Mathematics, Science and Technology (3 credits)
HLT210Health and Wellness3 
NTR201Introduction to Nutrition3ENG203
                            Group E : Health and Physical Education (3 credits)
HLT200First Aid and Safety2 
PED…….Physical Education1 
Major Core Requirements  40 credits
Code # CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
ACC210Principles of Accounting I3ENG020
ACC215Principles of Accounting II3ACC210
BUS230Business Law3MGT201
BUS310Quantitative Methods for Business3MAT221
BUS491Internship1Senior Standing
FIN221Managerial Finance3ACC215
HRM320Human Resources Management3MGT201
MAT221Calculus & Applied Math for Business3 
MIS360Management Information Systems3MGT201
MKT201Marketing Principles3ENG203
STA211Business Statistics3 
HOM260Food Safety3ENG203
Specialization Course Requirements24 creditsGrade must be C or higher
in every Major Course
Code # CourseTitleCrPrerequisites
MGT201Management Principles3ENG203
MGT310Total Quality Management3MGT201
MGT325Management of Small Enterprises3MGT201
MGT360Operations Management3MGT201
MGT370International Management3MGT201
MGT420Strategic Management3Senior standing
MGT460Organizational Behavior3MGT201
Free Elective (200 level or above)  6 credits 
Other Requirements
Foreign Language3 credits