Campus and Community

American University of Technology was established in 1998 and received the first presidential decree number 2143 on July 14, 2000 then decree number 846 on January 18, 2008.


The Fidar campus located on the Byblos highway and built on an area of 23000 square meters, has undergone a major expansion. It is convenient for students coming from North Metn, Kesrwan, Byblos and Batroun.

The central building, the Agora, is in the final phase and already hosts state-of-the-art computer labs, the Issam Fares Auditorium with 204 seats and all audio-visual capabilities, sound and audio studios as well as classrooms all wired to the internet. The Agora building is near completion and will accomodate 1000 additional students in all three Faculties.

Students dormitories are available within a walking distance from campus, and the towns of Fidar and Halat provide enough additional residential space.

The North Campus, located in the historic Arida Palace in Ras Masqa- Dahr El Ain (Koura) is 10 minutes away from Tripoli and serves students from all North Lebanon. It offers the same facilities as the Fidar campus: a reading room, access to electronic databases, state-of-the-art computer labs, green areas, a cafeteria, a student lounge, parking space etc…

The Halba Akkar campus location is ideal for students of the far North

The distance from Beirut to Fidar is 38 kms and from Fidar to Tripoli it is 45 kms.

Campus and Academic Life Facts

The student/computer ratio is 3 to 1 placing AUT at the top of the universities of Lebanon in terms of IT availability to users. The computer labs include Lenovo and I-Mac terminals.

All classrooms are equipped with the latest technology for top quality learning.

Class size does not exceed 30 students, thus enhancing the interaction between instructors and students.

AUT is consistently ranked among the top 8 among the 44 private universities in Lebanon by

A medical doctor, a psychologist and a spiritual counselor are on campus to assist students and staff who enjoy the use of a cafeteria, a sports court, a reading room, a lounge, access to an e-library on campus. In addition students have free access to a mental health app to help those in need of mental support.

The Office of Student Success is one of a kind in universities in Lebanon. It helps first-year students get a meaningful transitional experience from high school to university.

The Student Affairs department makes sure campus life is enjoyable and rewarding by proposing various activities on and off campus.

Every student obtains accident insurance upon registration.

AUT maintains active academic relations with many universities in Lebanon, Europe, the Arab world and the USA.