French Movie Maker at AUT

With his latest movie Les Tirailleurs released in 2022, Mathieu Vadepied (Les Intouchables, Le Souffle…) is now one of the most famous French movie directors. His visit at AUT and discussion with audio-visual students was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Institut Francais- Beyrouth.

The discussion focused on the elements of success in the movie industry and on the characteristics of Vadepied’s movies. Students and staff of AUT in addition to guests attended the film and the discussion before Vadepied lunched with AUT Dean of Arts and other staff.

International Distinguished Faculty Among Guest lecturers in Spring 2023

AUT has invited faculty from partner universities to teach or co-teach courses this spring semester to enhance inter-university collaboration. 

The business school will have Dr Jaroslav Petru from  Prague University of Economics and Business co-teach the course in Leadership and will have Dr May Salah of Arab Academy of Science Technology and Maritime Transport (Alexandria, Egypt) co-teach a course in Logistics.

The Audio-visual department  hosted Dutch movie maker Rob Rombout  for a course in documentary making while Engineer Olivier Snoek of Université Paris Yvelines St Quentin is  teaching a course in robotics to students of Computer Science at AUT.

Roma University of Fine Arts is delegating one faculty member to co-teach a course in digital design while sound specialist Tullio Morganti will come for an intensive residency period for the advanced course in Sound Design.

Famous French movie-maker Mathieu Vadepied visited AUT on March 16 and spoke of his career and his latest movie Les Tirailleurs with AUT students of Audio-Visual Design.

 On another level, AUT has applied for Erasmus + Capacity Building partnership with two local universities and two European universities to collaborate on road traffic automation systems.

External Relations at AUT have made all contacts to help these collaborations happen within the policy of AUT to foster relations with foreign universities.

Solid Waste Management Operation Kicked Off

The solid waste management operation in the city of Blat funded by Robert Bosch Stiftung and led by the chairperson for the Water Resources department at AUT, Dr Anthony Ouba started successfully.

The agreement to implement solid waste management and spread awareness was signed two years ago as AUT chose the city of Blat for implementation. Over 20 students are now working on implementation with the assistance of Blat Municipality

Collaboration with Port of Tripoli Made Official

An MOU opening the way for collaboration at various levels between the Port of Tripoli and AUT’s Faculty of Business and specifically the department of Transport Management was signed on March 1, 2023 by Dr Ahmad Tamer, DG of the Port of Tripoli (also DG of the Ministry of Public Works) and by AUT President Ghada Hinain in presence of AUT senior staff.

The MOU renders official the relationship that ties both institutions in terms of collaboration on internships and on studies related to logistics and port management.

Collaboration With Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Center

An agreement opening the way for collaboration between AUT and Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Center was signed at the National Library Foundation by AUT President Ghada Hinain and TAG Country Director Burhan Ashkar in the presence of Dr Abu-Ghazaleh and  AUT Trustees Joseph Farah, Karl Zouein, Rola Fadel and Board of Trustees President Mona Nehme.

Also present were AUT VPs and deans and the Secretary General of the Catholic Schools Association Fr Youssef Nasr.

The agreement opens the way to offering continuing courses in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, digital design and other technology-related subjects and it also entails offering courses at a graduate level in the same areas.

Dr Abu Ghazaleh and President Hinain each had a word emphasizing the importance of digital knowledge in the Arab societies and the necessity to collaborate at various levels of education to empower Arab youth in digital knowledge.

Dutch Documentary Maker Rob Rombout Ends His Workshop at AUT

Award winner Dutch documentary maker Rob Rombout ended an 11-day workshop about documentaries with AUT students of audio-visual arts with a screening of the short films produced. He has worked with 9 students about coming up with an idea then a script then the shooting and has shown them his specific perspective on documentaries.

Rombout had also shown his latest documentary On The Track of Robert Van Gulik at the Salle Montaigne of Institut Francais on January 31 and at Beyt Al fann on February 8 in collaboration with Institut Francais of Tripoli.

This is his fifth course given at AUT since 2013.

North Campus Humanitarian Activity

Choosing to help Maidat Al Mahaba organization’s efforts in providing meals for the underprivileged, a group of AUT students and staff from North Campus, led by campus director Dr Bassem Bakhache volunteered in buying ingredients for meals they prepared and served at the restaurant facilities in Mina.

The activity was followed by a discussion with Maidat Al Mahaba director Robert Ayoub. Bakhache insisted that AUT has been and will always be at the heart of activities of a humanitarian kind in the areas where campuses are located, to adapt to the mission set by its president  Mrs Ghada Hinain.

First Workshop For High School Students To Start end January

High school students who wish to discover what digital design and marketing is are invited to enroll in the free of charge workshop that is given on January 28, 2023. Details on how to enroll can be obtained by emailing [email protected].

For registration: Click Here

This is the first of 6 workshops offered by AUT to high school students in its effort to better orient them towards majors

Dutch Documentary Maker Rob Rombout at AUT

For the 4th time, AUT hosts Rob Rombout, the award-winning Dutch documentary maker for an intensive course on documentaries. The course will have nine audio-visual students work all day between January 30 and February 10, 2023 to present a short film on a theme that they will select with him.

Rob will also present his latest documentary, On the Track of Robert Van Gulik at Institut Francais on January 31 at 8 pm then in El Mina (North Lebanon) at Beit Al Fann in collaboration with Institut Francais Tripoli and the municipal councils of Tripoli and El Mina on February 8 at 6 pm.