The Faculty of Applied Sciences At Workshop in Amman, Jordan

At the invitation of the Robert Rosh Stiftung foundation, a delegation of the faculty of Applied Sciences at AUT went to Amman, Jordan for a support workshop of the project on solid waste management and community engagement for which AUT received a grant.

The delegation which includes Dean Georges Rammouz and Dr Anthony Ouba and Dr Laury Assaf will interact with the other winners of the grant around the following topics:

– Organization/institution presentation

– Project advancements

– Obstacles to overcome

– Timeline tracking

– Prospective steps

The workshop started on June 21 and will end June 23

North Schools Principals at AUT Dinner

AUT hosted 57 officials from schools in Koura, Besharre and Zgharta for a dinner during which AUT educational policies were detailed by President Ghada Hinain with interventions by VPs Makhlouf and Hinain.

The principals of around 25 schools had the chance to meet AUT deans and North Campus senior staff to know more about the opportunities offered by AUT to their students.

Diabetes and NASH with DIALEB at AUT

A conference organized by the Faculty of Applied Sciences and DIALEB tackled the Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis – NASH and its repercussions- especially diabetes. Students of Nutrition at AUT attended the conference during which the president of DIALEB Ms Jackie Maalouf intervened along with Dr Marwan Zoghbi, founder of the Lebanese Forum, and family medicine and epidemiology specialist. The other speakers included the dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at AUT Dr Georges Rammouz and Mrs Jessica Maalouf, Head Dietitian at the Middle East Institute of Health and AUT faculty member.

AUT In Tripoli Book Fair

The participation of AUT in the Tripoli Book Fair organized by the Cultural League in Tripoli has become a yearly tradition for over 15 years.

The AUT booth attracts students for undergraduate and graduate students and staff provide advice on careers and the best paths to reach them.

AUT Welcomes Iraqi Cultural Attaché

A visit to AUT main campus by Iraqi Cultural Attaché in Beirut Dr Ban Houchy allowed senior staff at AUT to discuss matters related to collaboration with universities in Iraq.

Houchy was impressed with the labs and physical resources of AUT especially the water resources and nutrition labs and had discussions with faculty deans and with the President of AUT Ghada Hinain who offered her a book on the flora and fauna of Lebanon edited in association with AUT.

Dr Houchy will be back for a focused visit to discuss offering AUT programs in Iraq.

Event Planning and Management from a PR Perspective: Alumna Maria Boustani Shares Her Experience

Over 130 students from Business and Arts attended a guest lecture by Maria Boustani, PR graduate Class of 2009 about event planning and management and the public relations dimension related to it.

Boustani manages Chateau Rweiss event venue in Shnaniir and has earned international awards for excellence in event management.

Her intervention falls within the series of alumni guest speakers at AUT which is meant to put alumni and current students in touch and allow experience sharing.

Collaboration with American University of Malta

Joint research, student and faculty exchange and joint programs are topics included in the MOU between AUT and American University of Malta signed by respective presidents Ghada Hinain and Michel Najjar on May 17, 2022.

American University of Malta offers programs in Business, Arts, Sciences and Engineering at both undergraduate ad graduate levels.

Solid waste management and community engagement in Blat-Byblos, Lebanon- continued

This project, pioneered by the Faculty of Applied Sciences at AUT with the German foundation, Robert Bosh Stiftung, is now under  implementation of the first quarter. A meeting was held with the head of Blat municipality on April 21 and there was agreement on the following action plan:

based on 3 separate baseline assessments: 

– 1 technical assessment for the municipality that includes a survey filled by the focal point and a field visit for the waste collection from the start to the end.

– 1 technical assessment conducted in the sorting facility through an interview with the focal point and a field visit to check all the steps of the process. 

– 1 community baseline assessment conducted through a KAP survey to assess the community knowledge, attitude and practices toward solid waste management in the area. 

The project is led by Water Resources Sciences coordinator at AUT, Dr Anthony Ouba