Academic Year 2017-2108 Kicks Off With Orientation Day

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Students enrolled for the first-time at AUT in various faculties at the undergraduate level attended the Orientation Day held on Fidar campus on Wednesday September 27.

They were greeted by President Ghada Hinain who spoke about the differentiating points of AUT in terms with connecting students to partner universities and the job market stressing the importance of professional certifications that AUT encourages students to earn along their undergraduate studies. Students were introduced to the benefits of active learning which Is the methodology adopted by AUT.

Words by Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, the Registrar and External Relations allowed students to learn more about AUT . they then split into groups that met with the respective deans of university for detailed discussions about their degree plans.

Students enrolled in Fidar, Tripoli and Kousba campuses had the chance to meet each other as well during this day organized by the Students Affairs division of AUT.

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