AUT At The SUNY COIL Conference In New York City

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Over 310 delegates from State University of New York and universities from the Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia attended the SUNY COIL conference in New York City March 16 and 17, 2018. The Collaborative Online International Learning- COIL- initiative groups universities that choose to conduct classes jointly with other universities and increase their students' cross cultural awareness and mobility.

It also allows to publish joint projects. AUT joined COIL through the Stevens Initiative and had 9 classes taught jointly with State University of New York over the past 3 years. IT has now joined the Global Partners Network- GPN- to continue teaching through COIL.

This year's conference was held in New York City and AUT was represented by VP Marcel Hinain who met the new director of the COIL center and the assistant director Jan Mc Cauley as well as faculty and administrators from various SUNY colleges and other universities to develop the ties between AUT and other universities so that AUT students get even more exposure to international learning.

AUT students Peter Ayash, Sherine Baz and Rebecca Abdel Sater along with Human Rights faculty Celine Merheb spoke live with the audience during a session dedicated to showing students' experience in COIL courses. They were asked questions about their motivation to enroll in a COIL course and about the value of their interaction with students from New York. Then a film made by AUT students about Human Displacement was shown to the audience as Fashion Institute of Technology students Julia and Gabriella spoke of their take on that same COIL course that had them interact with AUT students.

The conference included over 53 presentations on several aspects of international collaboration and included a keynote speech by the head of the Simon Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University Dr Norman Bier.

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