Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at the American University of Technology prepares students with competitive skills to find themselves in the job markets relevant to computer sciences, at the level of bachelor and master’s programs. It offers the following degrees:

What is Computer Science?

One of the newest and fastest developing areas of human knowledge, computer science  deals with the design of computers, and with the investigation of their limitations, as well as the analysis, design and development of software systems that these machines execute. Today, software is being used to automate almost every aspect of our daily life. Therefore, skilled computer scientists are needed in all industries and organizations. Computer scientists are trained in the theory of computation and the design of computer systems. The computer science discipline is associated to mathematics and includes topics ranging from theoretical (such as studies of the limits of computation) to practical (such as issues of implementing computing systems).

What is the added value of studying CS at AUT?
The degree programs provided by FAS at AUT help prepare the next generation for such a monumental challenge, by equipping them with the theoretical and practical fundamentals, aided by the latest technologies, state-of-the-art laboratories, and highly qualified faculty members having rich academic, research and industrial experience.
The total number of credits required for the major is 99 credits. 70 credits out of 99 credits are major courses that cover all aspects related to the computer science field such as the latest programming languages (C#, Java, …) and their uses (websites, windows apps, mobile apps, …).
In addition to completing required courses, AUT students must earn at least two international certificates from institutions like CISCO and ICDL to fulfill graduation requirements of AUT.

What are the career opportunities in CS?

Computer Science is a field where you can always find employment or work as a freelancer either in Lebanon or abroad. You can work as a programmer, software developer, web/phone apps developer, system designer, network developer/administrator,  etc… All those fall into three categories: designing and implementing software, devising new ways to use computers, and developing effective algorithms to solve computing problems.