Dr Oussama Jadayel

Dr Oussama Jadayel

A short bio

Currently Dean of Applied Sciences at AUT, Dr Jadayel earned a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from University of Birmingham, U.K.  in 1990  and did research in Internal Aero-Thermodynamics.

Previously he had earned a Master of Science in the same field at  University of Birmingham, U.K.  after completing the  Bachelor of Engineering, at American University of Beirut.

He held several academic positions at Balamand University Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Head of Mechanical Engineering as well as  Director of the Balamand Institute of Aeronautics    Jul 2000-Sept 2000 Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department.

Previously he was adjunct professor of Mechanical Engineering at    Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute Flint, Michigan, U.S.A.

Dr Jadayel has numerous certificates in several areas in aviation and has served on many boards and committees that regulate air travel and safety in Lebanon