Faculty of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Applied Sciences

The Dean of Applied Sciences:

“I feel really privileged to lead the Faculty of Applied Sciences at AUT, home of many modern and competitive scientific programs.”


Read what our Dean of the faculty of Applied Sciences says about his position at AUT:

“Following thirty years of national and international academic experience, I feel really privileged to lead

the Faculty of Applied Sciences at AUT; the home of many modern and competitive scientific programs.

My colleagues and I are a cohesive team who are committed to providing high quality education to the

young and inquisitive.

If you want to learn more about what we offer in computer science, IT, Nutrition or Water Resources, or

if you’d like to see how we can help in shaping your future, why not drop in for a chat. we’ll be very glad

to see you.”


Professor Jadayel has recently taken the post Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the American

University of Technology. Up till last August, he worked at the University of Balamand in Lebanon where

he led the Institute of Aeronautics and chaired the Mechanical Engineering Department.


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  • Hands-on learning provides students with campus-earned experience.
  • Programs include extensive research projects to get students prepared for professional success.
  • The campus infrastructure allows for state-of-the art technology equipment at the disposal of students.
  • Students are encouraged to innovate and test new concepts and ideas.
  • Emphasis is placed on acquiring a strong theoretical background coupled with extensive practical know-how.

Graduates in Computer Science and Computer Engineering find employment in all technology sectors including:

  • Software Development
  • Networking
  •  Multi-media
  •  Internet Service Providers
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Information Systems Development

Placement Exams in English, Math and Physics are required for Computer Science and additional testing in Chemistry is required for Telecommunication Science and Computer and Communication Engineering.

Graduates in Nutrition and Environmental Health find employment in:

* Food Processing Industry
* Hospitality Sector
* Dieting Consultancy
* Corporate Health
* Environment Protection Agencies and NGOs

Graduates in Water Resources Science find employment in:

o    Government and Public Institutions

o    Municipal Councils and Local Government

o    International Organizations

o    NGOs concerned with water issues

Placement Exams in English, Math and Biology are required for Nutrition and Environmental Health and for Water Resources Science