Prospective Students

Q: Who do I contact to get admission information?

A: You can either call 76808001 or email [email protected]

Q: Where can I see information about tuition and fees and admission requirements?

A: Tuition and fees are found at http://aut.edu/admissions/tuition-and-fees while admission requirements are found at Admission Requirements

Q: Who do I contact for information about the LLM program?

A: [email protected]

Current students

Q: Which office can give me information on the courses I already completed or on my expected graduation date?

A: You can contact [email protected] for such information.

Q: How do I get a transcript of grades?

A: By emailing [email protected] . You need to pay a fee for an official transcript. Fees details are found on http://aut.edu/admissions/tuition-and-fees

Q: How do I drop or add courses?

A: At your faculty office in person or by email to your advisor/chair

For Arts: [email protected]

For Sciences: [email protected]

For Business: [email protected]

For Hotel Management: [email protected]

Q: Who do I contact for my payment plan?

A: [email protected] for Halat and North Campus