Foreign Programs

Foreign Programs and Partner Institutions

In the scope of its “tripod” policy (linking AUT to other universities and to the workplace), AUT has established various forms of collaboration with prestigious universities.

Some are focused on one academic area while others are of more general nature and all provide AUT students a wonderful, wide academic horizon. Below is a list of the universities tied to AUT in various ways.

University of London

AUT having been approved by University of London to be a Recognized Teaching Center for the LLM- Master of Laws program, it offers support to lawyers and students enrolled in the LLM program. More information about the cooperation and about the LLM program is found here. For information about UoL LLM program which is under the academic direction of the prestigious UCL and Queen Mary, please go to

Another agreement with University of London allows offering the International Foundation Program

Babson College, Massachusetts, USA:

Collaboration on Entrepreneurship programs through live lectures and online work at both undergraduate and graduate levels

Empire State College of State University of New York:

An academic double-degree agreement allows students at AUT to earn bachelor degrees with AUT and SUNY Empire State College without the need to travel to the US (

University of Aberdeen (Scotland):

Collaboration on Petroleum Science, Oil and Gas Management at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Geneva School of Diplomacy:

This prestigious university set amid the international community in Geneva draws among the best diplomats and international negotiators to offer bachelor and master degree programs as well as short courses and executive education An MOU with GSD allows diplomats and business people as well as graduates in political science and international relations to study with GSD thorough AUT ( )

The University of Oklahoma:

An agreement on educational cooperation allows the exchange of students and faculty, joint research and publications. Students may decide to join OU for a semester or two and have their credits earned at OU integrated on their AUT transcripts ( )

Poornima University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

A memorandum of understanding facilitates student and faculty exchange and collaboration in the field of Data Science and Computer Science and IT

Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport- Alexandria, Egypt:

An agreement with the prestigious AASTMT allows collaboration on both the undergraduate and the graduate programs of Transport Management and Logistics. Exchange of faculty and students and joint research form the basis of the collaboration ( )

Université de Toulouse:

A Master program in Economics of International Tourism is offered jointly by both universities in the scope of the memorandum of understanding signed in June 2009. This program is coordinated with the Ministry of Tourism in Lebanon (

The Lebanese University:

An exchange agreement for faculty, students and joint projects and research has been concluded. It covers the Bachelor, Master and PhD programs

The University of Dayton, Ohio, USA:

An articulation agreement allows students to start Engineering Bachelor programs at AUT for two years and continue with the University of Dayton for theremaining two years (

Centro Universitario Dinamica Das Cataratas (UDC) Brazil:

Exchange program and joint research with a university specialized in tourism and business

Davenport University, Michigan, USA:

AUT has teamed up with Davenport University to offer learners a unique opportunity for graduate studies in Business Administration with concentrations in Strategic Management and Health Care Management.
Davenport University is accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (

Roma Film Academy:

Exchange of faculty and students as well as joint film production link AUT to RFA

Doc Nomads:

This trans-European masters level documentary school accepts students from AUT for a unique experience

University of Aberdeen, Scotland: Collaboration on Petroleum Science, Oil and Gas Management at both undergraduate and graduate levels

Cinema Da Mare:

AUT participates in this initiative by sending audio visual students.

(IED) in Milan, Italy:

Students can benefit from the possibility of exchange in all design programs including Fashion Design in addition to Graphic, Interior, Product and Car Design. Exchanbge students get a very reduced tuition fee and can also spend internship oeriods at Milan’s top fashion and luxury products firms (

New York College:

Students can also benefit from an exchange agreement with New York College in Athens , Thessaloniki (Greece) and Prague (Czech Republic).

University of Novi Sad, Serbia:

Exchange of students and faculty as well as joint research in arts is available. This University located in the second largest city in Serbia has established a distinguished reputation in design and architecture especially and has a total enrollment of over 45000 students

Singidunum University, Belgrade:

This University was the first private institution to be formed under the new Serbian higher education law. Located in Belgrade, its faculties of Business, Informatics and Computer Science, Hospitality and Tourism and Technical Sciences welcome AUT students for short intensive courses or semester-long courses and send students and faculty in exchange to work on joint projects

Delft Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands. Past collaboration in joint conferences and activities has resulted in accepting AUT graduates in Water Resources Science to continue Master degree studies there.

Université Paris Versailles- St Quentin-en-Yvelines: An MOU s opens the way to relations at many levels: exchange of faculty and students, joint research and publications, joint conferences and a joint program in Augmented Reality.

American University of Malta:

Joint research and publications as well as exchange of faculty and students are the main points of collaboration in the MOU that ties both universities.


The third largest shipping company in the world accepts interns majoring in Transport Management at AUT through an MOU signed between both institutions

The Beirut Bar Association:

A tripartite agreement between AUT, University of London and the Beirut Bar Association has made available the reputed LLM program available at the Beirut Bar Association under the academic direction of the prestigious UCL London and the management of AUT which has an office for the LLM program at the BBA.


The Beirut Container Terminal Consortium has signed an MOU with AUT that stipulates accepting AUT students from most majors as interns

The Tannourine Water Company is the sponsor of the Water Resources Science program at AUT

The Ministry of Energy and Water accepts trainees from AUT majoring in Water Resources Science

The Ministry of Environment accepts trainees from AUT majoring in Environmental Health

The Ministry of Tourism is one of the three parties (with AUT and Université de Toulouse) that manage the Executive Program in Tourism Management

AUT is a Cisco Academy and provides training and testing leading to certification from CISCO in all network specializations (AUTCE)

AUT is an IT Academy for Microsoft, offering courses and testing leading to certification from Microsoft (AUTCE)

Students are invited to contact the Office for External Relations at AD200 to know more about exchange programs regulations and procedures or email the director of External Relations from the contact page.


An MOU allows students of Water Resources Science to collaborate on water projects with the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Authority- EBML. Joint research is also included.

Beirut Chamber of Industry and Commerce

AUT is the lead instructor of logistics and transport within the YEP-MED initiative led in Lebanon by the BCIC. In which AUT is a member along with BCTC, the Customs, the syndicate of shipping lines and other stakeholders.