Freshman Program

Freshman Program


The Ministry of Education in Lebanon has set  the requirements for the freshman year that will eventually lead to an equivalence of the Lebanese Baccalaureate for those students who satisfy the other requirements (SAT and SAT II topics and scores).

At AUT students need to select courses from the categories below to satisfy the course requirements specified by the Ministry of Education.

(Approved by the Univeristy Council on January 12,2011)


Humanities & Social Sciences                                                                            9 credits
Humanities                         (6 Credits)
ENG 103Writing Skills for Freshman
HIS 101History of Modern Lebanon
Foreign Language
PHL 101History of Arab Philosophy
PHL 103General Philosphy
Social Sciences(3 Credits)
COM 110 Introduction to Public Relations
ECO 101 General Economics
HUM 118 Introduction to Human Rights
POL 101 Introduction to Political Science
PSY 100Principles of Psychology
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology
Math and Natural Sciences12 credits
Math (3 Credits)
MAT 100College Algebra (for Freshman Arts)
MAT 102Calculus II (for Freshman Sciences)
Natural Sciences(3 Credits)
BIO 103General Biology
CHE 103 General Chemistry
GEO 102 Introduction to Geology
PHY 103General Physics
Computer Science(3 Credits)
CSC 100Computers and Society
Art-Music & Drama(3 Credits)
ART 100Principles of Drawing 
ART 110Painting I
ART 120Plastic Arts
Electives9 credits
ART 105Introduction to Music
ART 106Performance
CHE 103General Chemistry
COM 110Introduction to Public Relations
HUM 118Introduction to Human Rights
PHY 103General Physics
Total30 credits