Byblos Campus

Office of The President

Mrs. Ghada Hinain


Mrs. Nicole Merheb

Administrative Assistant

Institutional Effectiveness

Mr. Michael Gholam

Vice President

Academic Affairs

Dr. Michel Najjar

Executive Vice-President and Provost

Ms. Nicolette Khoury

Administrative Assistant

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Dr. Oussama Jadayel


Ms. Nermine Ghaleb

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Joseph Keirouz

Faculty Member Faculty Member

Dr. Joseph El Gemayel

Chairperson of CS & IT Program

Dr. Anthony Ouba

Water Resources Science

Dr. John Haddad

Environmental Science

Dr. Georges Rammouz


Ms. Joelle Farha               Nutrition
Mr. Georges Abboudeh Computer Science/IT

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Sherif Abdulnur

Chairperson for Audio-Visual Program

Dr. Derek Bouse

Chairperson for Communications Program

Dr. Najib Najjar

Chairperson for English

Ms. Rafca Nemnom

English Department

Ms. Nancy Assaker Coordinator for Translation Program
Mr. Nabil Mehchy Audio Visual Arts
Mr. Maroun Azouri  Graphic Design
Ms. Lamis Reaidy Interior Design
Ms. Zeina Sultan  Interior Design
Mr. Rob Rombout Visiting Professor Audio Visual Arts
Mr. Tulio Morganti Visiting Professor Audio Visual Arts
Ms. Katia Kaddoum Administrative Assistant
Ms. Nadine Abi Charr Administrative Assistant to the English Department

Faculty of Business Administration

Dr. Michel Najjar

Acting Dean

Ms. Ahlam Abi Warde

Dean's Office Manager

Dr. Nizam Barakat

Chairperson of Hospitality Management Program

Dr. Robert Saleeby

Chairperson for Finance, Accounting, and LSE Program

Dr. Dolly Matta



Dr. Carlo Haoui Management
Dr. Mazen Bekdach Management
Mr. Elie Zouki Leadership and TQM
Mr. Wissam Mussaed Human Resources Management
Mr. Sami Tannous Project Management
Mr. Bassam Khoueiry  Marketing
Ms. Maya Yazbek Marketing
Dr. Mireille Daaboul  Accounting
Ms. Eliane Badr Accounting
Mr. Georges Abboudeh MIS
Ms. Lina Wakim Business Communication 
Dr. Abdel Majid Malti Transport Management and Logistics

Registrar   Office

Dr. Joseph El Gemayel


Ms. Nagham El Moujabber

Assistant Registrar for Registration and Students Records

Ms. Sally Daher

Administrative Assistant and Students Services

    Admissions and Recruitment Office 

Mr. Michel Fahim Najjar


Ms. Rima Farah


Mr. Wissam Saade

Student Recruitment Officer

Mr. Nadim El Khoury

Student Recruitment Officer

Student Affairs and Student Success Office

Ms. Aline Honain

Student Affairs Coordinator

Ms. Leila Sadaka

Students Success Manager

Dr. Jean Claude Hinain

Campus MD

Mr. Farid Njeim

Sports Coordinator

Library and Archiving Office

Ms. Claude Tayoun

Library & Archiving Supervisor

External Relations and Development Office

Mr. Marcel Hinain

Vice President

Ms. Badiaa Hiresh


Ms. Hoda Maalouf

Administrative Assistant

Human Resources Office


Ms. Feyrouz Rahme

HR Director

Ms. Maya Issa

Administrative Assistantfor for HR and Government Relations

Ms. Joseph Howayek

NSSF Representative

Communication Office

Ms. Maroun El Sabbagh


Finance and Accounting Office

Mr. Elie Honain

Financial Manager

Ms. Eliza Rahme

Students Collection Manager

Mr. Toni Naccouzi


Ms. Carla El Helou


Ms. Cyrine El Khoury


Ms. Michelle Dagher


     Information Technology Office

Mr. Maroun Abou Saab

IT Manager

Mr. Fadi Eid

IT Support

Ms. Nisrine Dirani

Information System Manager

Physical Plant Maintenance

Mr. Charbel Abi Wardeh

Operation and Campus Services Supervisor

Ms. Rachelle Elias

Telephone Operator/Stationary Storekeeper / I-Book (Copy Center)

Mr. Chahid Mandour

Project Plant Officer

Mr. George Khalil

Operations Support


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