Interior Design

Interior Design

What does an Interior Designer do?

An interior designer is a trained professional who creates conceptual, functional and quality interior environments.

Interior designers work with clients to develop design solutions that are safe, functional, and attractive to meet the needs of the people using the space.

Interior designers must know how to plan a space and how to present that plan visually so that it can be communicated to the client. They must also know about the materials that will be used to create the space, and how texture, color, lighting, and many other technical aspects will combine and interact to make the space come together.

What do I learn in Interior Design major?

You will study the principles of design, space planning, and problem solving. You will take several design courses where you will apply your learning to interior design scenarios. Some studio classes will focus on residential, corporate, or retail design, others will introduce you to design theory and process for analyzing interior environments, documenting the needs of users and space planning. The AUT curriculum is made up of 99 credits divided between theoretical and applied courses.

Why study Interior Design at AUT?

You get top faculty teaching you, bringing in professional expertise to the classroom so your education is not only theoretical. AUT’s hands-on methods helps students build their portfolio to be market ready. The collaboration with Milan’s Istituto Europeo di Design ensures you also have access to top designers to teach you special courses whether at AUT or in Milan during the summer. In addition, the internship requirements will allow you to discover the reality of the job market and get better prepared for employment or for starting your own design company.

Interior Design Career Outlook

There is rising demand for talented and creative interior designers for private homes and public spaces such as offices, restaurants, malls, museums hospitals, beach resorts and other establishments.

Interior Design Program – (105 Credits)

General Education Requirements 26 credits
Code # Course Title Cr Prerequisites
Group A : Language and Communication (10 credits)
ENG 203 English Communication I 3
ENG 204 English Communication II 3 ENG203
BUS 210 Business
Communication Skills
3 ENG203
BUS 215 Business
Presentation Skills
1 Coreq. BUS210
Group B : General Business & Humanities (7 credits)
BUS 201 Foundations in Business 3
HUM 212 AUT Cultural Plus 1
HUM 318 Human Rights 3 ENG 203
Group C : Arts & Social Sciences (3 credits)
ART 205 Contemporary Arts 3
HUM 210 Arts Appreciation 3
HUM 211 Music Appreciation 3
POL 202 Globalization and Political Change 3 ENG 203
SOC 202 Justice, Society and Gender 3 ENG 203
Group D : Mathematics, Science and Technology (3 credits)
HLT 210 Health and
NTR 201 Introduction to Nutrition 3 ENG 203
Group E : Health and Physical Education (3 credits)
HLT 200 First Aid and Safety 2
PED . Physical Education 1

Core Requirements  18 credits
Code # Course Title Cr Prerequisites
ART 200 Drawing &Illustration I 3
ART 201 Drawing & Illustration II 3 ART200
ART 301 Theories of Imaging 3
DES 201 Fundamentals of Design I 3
DES 211 Fundamentals of Design II 3 DES 201
MAT 261 Visual Math for Arts 3
Major Course Requirements 58 credits Grade must be C or higher in every Major Course
Code # Course Title Cr Prerequisites
IDP 215 Architectural Drawing 3
IDP 251 Rendering and Perspective 3 IDP 215, DES 215 & Co. IDP291
IDP 290 Design Project I 4 Co. IDP215
IDP 291 Design Project II 4 IDP290
IDP 310 History of Architecture and Furniture I 3
IDP 315 Computer Aided Design 3 IDP215
IDP 320 Materials and Process 3 IDP291
IDP 330 History of Architecture and Furniture II 3 IDP310
IDP 335 Problem Solving for Design & Present Tech 3 IDP390
IDP 340 Details and Manufacturing Techniques 3 IDP320
IDP 345 Virtual Reality / 3D MAX 3 IDP315
IDP 390 Design Project III 4 IDP291
IDP 391 Design Project IV 4 IDP390
IDP 410 Digital Presentation 3 IDP315
IDP 420 Professional Practice 1 IDP391
IDP 490 Senior Project I 4 IDP391
IDP 491 Senior Project II 4 IDP490
IDP 445 Advanced Virtual Reality 3 IDP 345
Free Elective (200 level or above)  3 credits
Code # Course Title Cr Prerequisites
ART 210 Painting I 3
ART 211 Painting II 3
ART 230 Sculpture 3
ART 355 Animation 3
ART 400 Special Topics 3
DES 350 Design for the Stage 3 Junior Standing
COM 206 Principles of Photography 3
DES 360 Advanced Photography 3 COM206