What is Journalism?

If you are curious by nature, like to investigate and analyze information, want to report information objectively, love all forms of communication, like to express your point of view, then this major is surely for you!

Why study Journalism at AUT?

AUT adopts the latest trends in journalism and media including e-reporting, web news, and multimedia. The program is formulated to give you training in gathering, analyzing & organizing information for effective communication, excellence in Arabic and English objective reporting, news editing, information analysis, data search, interview skills, TV and radio program hosting and other areas needed in media today.

It also includes workshops on specific topics given by professional journalists and media experts and requires you to spend internship periods at major TV networks, print media and digital media companies

Where do I find work?

Our program, which includes 99 credits, trains you to work in all types of media including TV networks, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, the  Internet, digital and social media, and in public relations and marketing companies, universities and other institutions that need to publish and broadcast news and information.

“All things must be examined, debated, investigated without exception and without regard for anyone’s feelings.”

Denis Diderot

Journalism Program – (101 Credits)

General Education Requirements 26 credits
Code # Course Title Cr Prerequisites
Group A : Language and Communication (10 credits)
ENG 203 English Communication I 3
ENG 204 English Communication II 3 ENG203
BUS 210 Business
Communication Skills
3 ENG203
BUS 215 Business
Presentation Skills
1 Coreq. BUS210
Group B : General Business & Humanities (7 credits)
BUS 201 Foundations in Business 3
HUM 212 AUT Cultural Plus 1
HUM 318 Human Rights 3 ENG 203
Group C : Arts & Social Sciences (3 credits)
ART 205 Contemporary Arts 3
HUM 210 Arts Appreciation 3
HUM 211 Music Appreciation 3
POL 202 Globalization and Political Change 3 ENG 203
SOC 202 Justice, Society and Gender 3 ENG 203
Group D : Mathematics, Science and Technology (3 credits)
HLT 210 Health and
NTR 201 Introduction to Nutrition 3 ENG 203
Group E : Health and Physical Education (3 credits)
HLT 200 First Aid and Safety 2
PED . Physical Education 1

Core Requirements all COM Majors 18 credits
Code Course # Title Cr Prerequisites
AVP 200 Principles of Visual Communication 3 Co. ENG203
AVP 209 Principles of Video Editing 3 AVP200
AVP 225 Principles of Storytelling 3 ENG203
COM 206 Principles of Photography 3
COM 207 Performance for TV & Film 3
COM 365 Media Law & Ethics 3 ENG204
Major Course Requirements 51 credits Grade must be C or higher in every Major Course
Code Course # Title Cr Prerequisites
ARA 201 Arabic Communication Skills I 3
AVP 204 Audio and Video Workshop 3
COM 251 Communication Media & Society 3
COM 311 Media and Politics 3 ENG204
COM 315 Journalism and Social Media 3
COM 316 Writing for Broadcast Media 3 ENG204
COM 325 Feature and Magazine Writing 3 ENG203
COM 353 Photojournalism 3 COM206
COM 405 Newspaper Editing and Layout 3
COM 410 Professional and Public Speaking 3 ENG203
COM 425 Media in Lebanon & Middle East 3 ENG204
COM 498 Internship 3 Senior Standing
COM 499 Senior Study / Project 3 Senior Standing
JRN 330 Investigative and Field-based Journalism 3 ENG204
JRN 340 Data Journalism 3 ENG204
HIS 200 History of Modern Lebanon 3
POL 202 Globalization & Political Change 3 ENG203
Elective (200 level or above from COM, AVP, JRN or FLM) 3 credits
Required Language Elective (any language not ENG or ARA) 3 credits