Master of Business Administration Program

Master of Business Administration Program

The Graduate Business Program-Masters of Business Administration- MBA

The Mission

The mission of the graduate business program is to effectively bridge the gap between academia and the marketplace through the integration of market challenges into its program, the responsiveness of its curricula to the emerging needs of the local and regional markets, and to provide the market with total solutions via application- oriented education, executive training, consulting and research.
Why choose the AUT MBA Program?
1. Our Faculty are academic scholars in their field and possess a market-based experience. Emphasis is placed not only on acquiring a strong theoretical background, but is also coupled with extensive practical know-how
2. Our Campus Infrastructure allows for state-of-the-art technology equipment at the disposal of students
3. Our Learning Environment encourages students to innovate and test new concepts and ideas through research and a self-discovery process
4. Our Programs include extensive research projects to get students prepared for professional success, and are designed to provide knowledge and enhance the potentials and competencies of graduates
5. Our Curricula which are responsive to the local and regional market needs, effectively bridge the gap between academia and the market place through integration of market challenges into the program.
6. Our collaboration with prestigious universities and faculty members from top universities add an international flavor to our program. Some of our MBA courses are taught in collaboration with faculty from Université de Toulouse, University of London, London School of Economics, Babson College and others and certificates are delivered for each course taken with foreign universities at AUT.

What concentrations do we offer?

There are six concentration areas for the AUT MBA:
Business Management
Management Information Systems
Hospitality Management

Full time or Part time?

These programs offer applicants the flexibility of being either full-time students, or of pursuing a degree while working. The majority of current students are employed in different industries and were even encouraged to pursue their MBA studies at AUT by their employers who already have had a good experience with the program.

Duration of the Program

The master program at AUT is a 39-credit-hour program that is fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. With completion of 33 credit hours, students will be eligible to submit proposal for a 6-credit thesis to conduct a research on a topic related to their field of study. The Faculty Dean shall assign a due date, a supervisor and a reader to support the student towards completion of the program. Alternatively, students may choose to pursue a non-thesis master degree where they submit a 3-credit research project after completion of 36 credit hours.

Joint Programs

A joint program in Supply Chain and Logistics is offered with Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport (Alexandria, Egypt). Furthermore the AUT MBA program includes courses offered by Université de Toulouse, University of London, Babson College and by faculty from London School of Economics- LSE and University College London- UCL.


The Faculty of Business at AUT is now a member of AACSB and is working on earning an accreditation from this international body.

Admission requirements

1. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education.
2. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 on a 4-point scale or equivalent is required.
Students coming from institutions where the language of instruction is not English may be required to take the TOEFL exam and get a minimum score of 550 (213 computer based or 80 on iBT). Internationally recognized English examinations other than TOEFL may be considered.

Required Documents for Application to Graduate Programs at AUT

1. A Completed Graduate Program Application Form
2. Personal Statement of Purpose
3. Official Transcripts and Graduation Diploma and Attestation
4. International applicants are required to present an equivalency of their degree from the Lebanese Ministry of Education
5. Proof of English language proficiency as required
6. Two recent passport-size color photographs
7. A photocopy of valid passport and visa (for International Applicants)
8. A photocopy of the Lebanese identity card
9. A recent family civil status record
10. A non-refundable application fee of US $ 100

MBA Program (39 Credits)
Major Core Requirements 27 credits
Code # Course Title Cr
ACC 605 Managerial Accounting 3
BUS 600 Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions 3
FIN 601 Corporate Finance 3
HRM 602 Strategic Human Resources Management 3
MGT 600 Corporate Governance 3
MGT 601 Strategic Management & Planning 3
MIS 602 Managing Information in Organizations 3
MKT 609 Strategic Marketing Management 3
*BUS 689 * MBA Thesis 3
Emphasis – Accounting 12 credits
ACC 603 Accounting Standards & Valuation Principles 3
ACC 606 Performance Evaluation & Budgeting Techniques 3
ACC 608 Advanced Corporate Accounting 3
ACC 613 Accounting Information Technology 3
Emphasis – Management 12 credits
MGT 603 Managing Change in Organizations 3
MGT 608 Leadership 3
MGT 609 Organizational Development 3
MGT 613 Project Management 3
Emphasis – Marketing 12 credits
MKT 604 Customer Behavior 3
MKT 608 Sales & Trade Promotion 3
MKT 615 Product & Brand Management 3
MKT 616 Digital Marketing Strategy 3
Emphasis – Banking & Finance 12 credits
FIN 605 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management 3
FIN 606 Bank Management & Financial Regulations 3
FIN 607 Global Business Finance 3
FIN 608 Bank Credit and Risk Management 3
Emphasis – Hospitality & Tourism Management 12 credits
HOM 601 Revenue Strategies & Yield Management 3
HOM 602 Crisis Management in the Hospitality Industry 3
HOM 611 Sustainability Management in Hospitality 3
HOM 612 Hospitality Service Marketing & Ethics 3
Emphasis – Management Information Systems 12 credits
MIS 605 Electronic Commerce 3
MIS 607 Customer Relationship Management 3
MIS 608 Knowledge Management 3
MIS 609 Business Intelligence & Information Security 3
Emphasis – Human Resources Management 12 credits
HRM 610 Industrial Relations 3
HRM 611 Human Resources Planning & Development 3
HRM 612 Occupational Safety & Health 3
HRM 613 Total Rewards 3
Emphasis – School Administration 12 credits
SLA 640 School Leadership & Management 3
SLA 642 Managing School Budget & Finances 3
SLA 644 Curriculum Development & Learning Styles 3
SLA 645 School Structure & Organization 3
Emphasis – Entrepreneurship 12 credits
ENT 622 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3
ENT 633 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
ENT 644 Women and Diversity in Entrepreneurship 3
ENT 655 Micro Enterprise Mentoring 3
Emphasis – Supply Chain and Logistics Management 12 credits
SCM 601 Logistics Management 3
SCM 602 Strategic Supply Chain Management 3
SCM 603 Imports/Exports Logistics Management 3
SCM 604 Supply Chain Modeling 3
Two Remedial courses are required for non-business major background:
BUS 500 Survey of Management & Marketing 3
BUS 510 Survey of Accounting & Finance 3
Emphasis- Food Safety Management: cr
FSM 601 Sanitation& Hygiene Management , in Hospitality Industry 3
FSM 604 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point in Food Establishments 3
FSM 605 Food Safety Management Systems 3
FSM 606 Food Safety Management Procedures 3
Major Elective 3 Credits
FSM 689 MBA Project In Food Safety Management 3 Credits