MBA Program

The mission of the Graduate program consists of bridging the gap between academia and the marketplace through the integration of market challenges into its program; the responsiveness of its curricula to the emerging needs of the local and regional markets, providing the market with total solutions via applications oriented education, executive training, consulting and research. Several graduate programs have been developed to cover a wide area of concentration and needs.

The MBA program is an innovative, market-driven program, designed to develop leaders who will create value for themselves and their organizations in a time of relentless change. It is a lock step, 39 credit hours that is fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. Enrolling students will have the strategic skills and vision necessary to attain organizational and personal goals. The program's highly applied curriculum is built around a unique blend of analytical foundations, solution-based courses and action learning opportunities. Students have the opportunity of selecting a general or any of the fields of concentration that are unique in Lebanon and the region i.e. Management, Marketing and Advertising, Finance, Management Information Systems, Hospitality and Tourism Management, as well as MS in Marketing, Advertising and Finance.

        The MBA for Executives program is designed for non-academic individuals who have acquired the professional skills and willing to support their experience with a scientific-based approach that entails them to become business-oriented leaders.

Joint programs have been developed with Davenport University and Université de Toulouse 1 –Capitole leading to degrees offered by each partner and by AUT simultaneously.

A student may choose any program listed below.

A. The MBA degree with the following concentrations:
1. Management                                                                                                                   39 credits
2. Marketing and Advertising                                                                                                39 credits
3. Finance                                                                                                                          39 credits
4. Management Information Systems                                                                                    39 credits

5. Transport Management and Logistics                                                                                39 credits

B. MBA for Executives                                                                                                        39 credits
C. MBA – Economics of International Tourism in cooperation with Université de Toulouse        39 credits

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