MS–Computer Science

MS-Computer Science

The MS degree program in Computer Science is open for interested candidates. The two-year program of 39-credit hour includes coursework, laboratory research, regular meetings with lab groups and advisors. It is designed to offer the applicant the flexibility of being either a full-time student, or of pursuing a degree while working.

MS Students will have the opportunity to study under highly-reputed specialists in computer sciences and information technology. Classes are held in English, and are scheduled in the evening from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

MS – Computer Science (Program under revision)

(39 Credits)

Year Course # Title Credits 
First Year CSI 501 Foundations of Computing Science 3
CSI 502 Foundations of Computing Systems 3
CSI 550 Advanced Computer Networks 3
CSI 551 Data Communication Protocols 3
CSI 553 Wireless Network 3
CSI 554 Signaling in Telecommunication Networks 3
Second Year CSI 530 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 3
INT 516 Web Applications & E-Commerce 3
CSI 511 Advanced Topics in Theory of Computation 3
CSI 596 Directed Study in Computing Science 3
CSI 599 Thesis in Computing Science 6
Total Number of Credits Total 39