First Female MEA Pilot At AUT

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AUT hosted Captain Rola Hoteit, the first and still only female pilot with Middle East Airlines, for a talk in the scope of the U3A series of presentations.

Hoteit was introduced by the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Dr. Oussama Jadayel and spoke of her career and challenges that faced her.
From her father's original objection for choosing this career to proving her worth to her male colleagues, Hoteit's will prevailed and she is now an example of how women can make it successfully in turfs previously reserved for men. She was able to win passengers' trust except for one passenger-a medical doctor- who chose to step out of the plane when he knew the pilot was a woman...
Hoteit also gave inside information on air travel security and risks of flying in bad weather conditions, of system failure and other matters related to aviation.
Hoteit's talk is one of many presentations prepared by the University for the Third Age division at AUT -U3A- which has been serving senior students for almost 4 years at AUT.

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