Clara Ouba: A Student With A Sense of Comedy

Clara Ouba

Meet Clara Ouba, in her sophomore year at AUT majoring in Audio-Visual Arts. Many will recognize in her one of the comic characters in the popular TV show Basmat Watan. Whether she takes the role of a frustrated wife or of an airhead, Clara always gives an outstanding performance.

Clara started acting at the age of 17, took an audition with Basmat Watan and was selected for her spontaneity she says. Her parents played an important role by encouraging her to pursue a career in acting. Ouba who plans on becoming a movie director, is a fan of Al Pacino and Meryl Streep and her favorite movies include Taxi Driver, The Godfather and Shawshank Redemption.

On her studies at AUT, Clara says, "they fulfill her plans of moving behind the camera".

Meet AUT Staff: Nadim Berbary – Alumni Office


Nadim Berbary is now in charge of the Alumni Relations Office at AUT and was previously an administrative assistant at the AUB Office of Development located in College Hall where he became practically an institution in his own right!
Mr Bebary had earned a Bachelor's degree in accounting and book keeping from the London Chamber of Commerce and joined AUB in 1964.Mr Berbary now is busy at AUT Halat setting up the Founding Committee of the Alumni Association and helping with fund raising. His amicable and friendly personality has already earned him many friends among AUT staff and alumni.

When you ask him what he loves to do when he's not working, he says, 'Sing'. For years he was known as a lead singer and performer with one of the Rahbani brothers, singing with Fayrouz, and with many other popular artists.
AUT welcomes Nadim Berbary in its family

Ms Feyrouz Rahme

Ms Feirouz Rahme

Ms Rahme joined AUT in September 2016 and heads the Placement Office which helps current students find internship options as well as suitable employment that fits their study schedule.

She will also assist graduates find full-time employment in national and international companies, and will work closely with the Alumni Office for that purpose.

Ms Rahme completed her secondary education at Central College – Jounieh and soon after, at the age of 21, she flew to France where she discovered the European political world by working in an association, then in a political party. In 1991, she was hired by the Italian Pirelli group, and took up positions in financial management, procedures management and budget management.

She came back to Lebanon in 2006 and worked as a consultant in organization and reorganization for several companies. She also assumed positions in targeted communications and public relations, and leads an active social and political life, lobbying for women rights. Ms Rahme is welcome in the AUT family!

Robert Saleeby

Robert Saleeby

Robert Saleeby

Born in Ghana , Robert has always borne a passion for money and finance. He studied Finance at American University of Beirut then at Florida Atlantic University and later at New York University where he earned his doctorate degree in Finance in 1981.


Abdul Rahim Moustapha

Abdul Rahim Moustapha

Abdul Rahman Moustapha

Graduated from AUT in 2005 in Computer Science then earned a Master degree in Finance from De Paul University, Chicago, Il, USA


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