New Majors

In order to respond to market needs, AUT is offering new Bachelor programs and one new Master program:

Under the Faculty of Applied Sciences:

Water Resource Sciences: If you'd like to part of an elite group of water scientists that can tackle issues of water treatment, underground water, marine life, pollution, water bottling etc... and you like the areas of biology and chemistry then this 3-year bachelor of Science program is for you. The official partner for this program is Tannourine Water Company which offers internships to all AUT students and where employment of AUT graduates is given priority. Program details here

• Environmental Health: This BS program addresses all environmental issues that face our planet in general and our country in particular. Air, land and water pollution and remedies, conservation areas, natural reserves, wildlife, fauna and flora. If you enjoy applied biology and chemistry and are concerned with the health of the environment, then this program is for you. Program details here

• Nutrition and Dietetics: This BS program involves integration of the biological, medical, and social sciences and their application to the improvement of human nutrition and fitness, prevention of chronic disease, and improved quality of life. If personal health is your concern, then this program is for you. Program details here

Under the Faculty of Business Administration:

• Transport and Logistics Management:
There is very large market need for specialists in transport by sea, air or land. Knowing how ports operate, how shipping is conducted, how transport affects the price of goods and what logistics is are all part of this program which is sponsored by CMA-CGM, the third largest shipping company in the world and offered in collaboration with the Center for Maritime Economics and Logistics of the prestigious Erasmus University Rotterdam. Internships are offered to all by CMA-CGM and employment of AUT graduates is given priority. Program details here

• Master of Economics of International Tourism: This unique Master program if offered jointly with Université de Toulouse 1- Capitole which has a reputation of excellence in economics and ranks among the top 5 European universities. The program focuses on expanding tourism markets and is open to students who graduated in economics, business or law and ends in two degrees: one granted by AUT and another by Université de Toulouse 1- Capitole. Program details here.

• Bsc Banking and Finance and Bsc Business and Management from University of London under the academic supervision of the world renown London School of Economics and Political Science- LSE. These two programs lead to two degrees each: a BSc from University of London and a BBA from AUT and the teaching is carried out by faculty from AUT and LSE. Read more

If you are interested in other majors under all 3 faculties of AUT, please click here



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