Solidarity Calls!

Dear AUT alumni, faculty, staff and friends of AUT
First we hope you are all safe.

What happened on August 4 is unimaginable. So many people died or were injured and so many lost their homes and belongings. We cannot be passive to the suffering of our fellow citizens and I know some of you have friends or family that got affected by this tragedy.

Since AUT Cares, we are launching a collection campaign to help the people who suffered losses. Our four campuses are all involved. We hope to collect the following:
• Clothes for all ages
• household items like plates, pans, and other kitchen items including detergents
• personal hygiene items like soap, shampoo
• linen, bedding items (sheets, pillow cases)
• electric appliances
• food- but not flour, grains and sugar as these are being provided in big quantities by many organizations. Canned food is much more needed.

The campuses of Fidar and Ras Masqa will work through the Red Cross and directly too (any volunteers for distribution are welcome). The Tyre campus will work with an NGO “Majmou3at Chabab Sour” and Halba campus will work with the Rec Crescent. We carefully chose these organizations to be sure donations will reach the people in need. We also coordinated with the Red Cross to know what items are needed the most so we don’t supply items already provided in large quantities

Where to drop donations and who is the point of contact between 8 am and 5 pm:
1- Fidar campus. Ask for Ms Mona or whatsapp her at 03127307
2- Ras Masqa. Ask for Mr Salim Ayoub or call 70 109515
3- Tyre campus. Ask for Mr Ziad Sleiman or call 03 086730
4- Halba campus. Ask for Ms Aline Bitar or call 76 440 443

For money donations, please donate directly to the Red Cross at those branches and account numbers:

For donations in Lebanese Pounds:
Bank Name: Audi Bank
Account name: Lebanese Red Cross
Account number: 841500 461 001 004 03

Bank name: Fransabank
Account Name: Croix Rouge Libanaise
Account# 0101LBP1515019937411
IBAN# LB44 0001 0101 LB1 5150 1993 7411
Currency: LBP

For donations in US Dollars:
Bank name: Fransabank
Account Name: Croix Rouge Libanaise
Account# 0101USD1515019937418
IBAN# LB46 0001 0101 USD1 5150 1993 7418
Currency: USD

Bank name: Audi
Account Name: Croix Rouge Libanaise
Account# 00841500-0035
IBAN# LB44 0056 0000 0000 0084 1500 0035
Currency: USD

Bank name: Audi
Beneficiary Name: Croix Rouge Libanaise
Account #: 841500-46
IBAN#:LB38 0056 0000 0000 0084 1500 0046
Currency: USD

Bank name: Bank of Beirut
Account Name: Lebanese Red Cross
Account# 11 401 580564 12
IBAN# LB13007500000001140158056412
Currency: USD

In the hope our dear Lebanon and our people will not see any more tragedies, AUT prays for the safety of all of you